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Offline ianp1976

Initial coms were great, first contact by text agreed time and services.  I was running early so text again and Chelsea was able to accommodate.

Local discrete Holiday Inn, no problem with access or parking.

Chelsea's profile says 28 this could be correct but maybe early 30s, but I am rubbish at guessing ages.  Her photos don’t do her justice, she is girl next door type and I found her attractive (but in no way being unkind could understand why others wouldn’t.)

Met at the door in her lingerie, greeted with kiss and little laugh about the maid in the corridor, put at ease straightaway.  Used the facilities to freshen up.

I had agreed a mild dom service, this is against Chelsea's nature but she gave it a good go and pulled my hair and slapped me a bit, this was very erotic as it was all done with a sort of shy giggle, and interspaced with pleasant kissing and fondling.  Very much a gfe.  On with the rubber a bit of oral, more kissing and fondling, then she got on top.  I asked her to do something on the mild dom side which she had told me she wouldn’t do before we met (nothing that unusual but I’m not going to say what as its not on her like lists and she may not want to openly offer it) as she seemed to be enjoying our time together (or at least gave the impression she was) she gave it a go whilst riding me.  I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had for a long time.

After we cleaned up, good chat whilst getting dressed.  A very good gfe (with a bit or extra kink ;))

A very good experience, no obvious clock watching, most enjoyable half hour.  Makes a change from the EE, who barely speak a word of English and want to get you out in 10 minutes, which seems to be the only choice in our area.

https://www.adultwork.com/1940441 or https://www.adultwork.com/YourChelseaTheMilf

3 review(s) found for YourChelseaTheMilf linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Stapler

I'm guessing you didn't tit-fuck her!

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Offline ianp1976

No, piercings did nothing for me. It did cross my mind are they there to keep you away from her nipples, but I did suck them with the piecing.

Offline sanj07

I seen her over year ago when she worked from high rise flats in walsall i was disapointed as she seemed way overweight from her pics and booking felt rushed where she lacked motivation and bed sheets were wet from previous booking maybe things have improved.

Offline ianp1976

All I can report is my experience, will see her again when she is next in town to see if it was a one off.

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