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Author Topic: Sexy Pretty Nicole  (Read 1562 times)

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Offline yumyum3

This was a few months ago before she put her prices up  :angry:
I enjoyed Holland's review and fancied a slim lady with a big, fat pussy. I suspected from the description that she also had a lovely bum hole and I wasn't mistaken. Her flat is very clean and roomy and she scores 10/10 for that. She also has a well-equipped shower and plenty of clean towels etc.
I found her attractive and as described by Holland. It wasn't long before I had her squatting over me perfectly so I could suck and slurp on her lovely big pussy and clit; she also turned reverse and gave me access to her lovely bum hole for a good rimming. I struggled to tear myself away from this as an older gent with a young lady in her prime releasing pheromones up my nose and in my mouth is still a real pleasure. Her OWO isn't much to speak of but that didn't bug me on this occasion. We finished deliciously. I placed a towel on the floor (her large room is very clean) and she got down in doggy, arching her back to give me full access and pushing back to receive the full length; this was interspersed with me pulling out every so often to rim her lovely bum hole and suck her big pussy. I enjoyed myself. £60 for half an hour  :thumbsup:

9 review(s) found for sexy pretty nicole  linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline holland

I'm glad you had good time yumyum3 :hi:
I had a very similar experience the second time i saw her. I couln't stop sucking her pussy and licking her bum hole. She has a true beauty between her legs.
Her new rates and the limited service she offers (no fk) put me off thought.

Offline yumyum3

Thanks, H. Tempting to go back just to have another chomp   :P :drinks:

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