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Author Topic: Jayda - Ego Massage Milton Keynes  (Read 1842 times)

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A couple of weeks back I planned on a visit to Ego, left it too late to book and ended up with a crap punt at  MK Escorts instead.  This time I planned a bit better and phoned up before my client meeting instead of after.

Booking was a little more stressful than would have been ideal.  No fault of Ego, but a guy from my meeting had seen me outside the office and wandered out to say Hi just as I was confirming with the receptionist 'Yeah, half an hour with Jayda'.  Bugger.

On to the appointment.  Lots of free parking nearby so no trouble there.  Arrived a few minutes early and was shown into the waiting room while another guy was ushered out, then up to the room.  Had a shower while waiting, then Jayda arrived in the customary short black tunic.  That was off in moments, so now I'm faced with a tall toned blonde in matching lingerie.  Confirmed I was taking the deluxe option (£55 for 30 mins) and the lingerie was straight off too.

The massage starts with Jayda working on my back and legs, then she's standing a few inches from my head and while she rubs my shoulders I have a perfect view of her shaved pussy.  I ask if touching is okay, she says Of Course, so I start with a few take strokes and soon realise that she's pretty much content to let me touch wherever I want.

Next she oils herself and joins me on the table.  I'm still face down and she's her whole body up and down my back.  By this point I have to stop touching else I'll twist my shoulders and end up needing another massage.

This goes on a while, with occasional breaks where Jayda slips back off the table and slips a hand under for a quick feel.  About twenty minutes in she asks me to turn over and it's oil on the cock time.  The happy ending goes on quite a while, with Jayda getting me close to cumming then backing off a little.  She's kneeling on the table and there's a fan behind her blowing her hair about, makes her look like something out of an 80's rock video.  Then it's all over, she makes sure every drop is out, then just time for another quick shower before I'm on my way feeling very relaxed.

I don't punt often, but there's a good chance I'll have another session with Jayda sooner or later.  From past reviews on here it looks like she used to do full service from the various Divine premises, can't see her listed on their other sites any more though which is the only disappointing thing about the session.

Online vt

Yes, shame Jayda stopped offering full service in MK before I had a chance to 1-2-1...thought I saw her at LMP/Phoenix parties in London many times, a blonde Baltic beauty that was a great lover and always eager to please.

Yes, Jayda was one of the stars of LMP. Such a beautiful girl who genuinely seemed to enjoy her parties, so I'm surprised she never came over to Phoenix, they really could do with the elevated aura girls like this provide. Watching her get properly fucked or being spit-roasted are images burned deep into memory bank :cool:

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