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Author Topic: Ms Artemis - Birmingham  (Read 1241 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3243902 or https://www.adultwork.com/Ms+Artemis

Thought I would post as she hasn't been reviewed recently but not 100% more to add.  Shes still super hot and a great service.

It had been a long day in the office and had way gone past 9, i was say in the car and looked at my HL and saw the services of Ms Artemis.  I decided to give her a call and she answered, asked for availability and she said she could do 30 mins (£90).  Price seems to have gone up and frankly, still thought and don now that the price was good for the services available.  She told me to go and park in the Ibis Budget and to call her.  She said how long would i be and i said 10 mins.  I was 10 mins, she said she wasn't ready and asked for 3 mins and she would call me back.  She did within that time frame and I was at her door. 

Could see her well enough when she opened the door as the lights were out, taken upstairs and she has a great body and i loved every moment at looking at her.

Shower and given a very small towel, could not get it around me and I'm only a 32" waist!  we laughed about it in the bedroom.  A little bit of kissing but not much and she could tell i wanted more but instead she let go of the towel and went down on my starting the BL and then onto OWO.  She confirmed that i could go twice (and then almost challenged me to go twice in 30 mins).  went over that great body while i was looking down at her.

Her eye contact is great throughout just OWO, BL, missionary etc, a great turn on considering the lack of kissing.

After clean up number one, she invited me to lye on the bed, she got some oil and rubbed my chest and legs.  She could see i was getting hard again and climbed ontop.  She got me worried as i wasn';t covered at this point but she got some oil and as she was riding the based on my man, her hand was going at the same time with a HJ.  Great feeling.

We finally got cover on and talked with cow girl, doggy, lazy doggy and then onto missionary.  She couldn't take me as deep and jumped a few times when i went in as deep as it had done before so we jumped to back to lazy dog. 

I can't go from penetration (too boring with a cover on) so oil on again and she played with herself while i watched.  I got her to play with my balls and also a bit of PM.  When she realised i was enjoying the PM she pulled a small little toy of the side table and turned it on. great feeling and went all over her again.

Just as he stood up i realised that the music has just stopped and asked her if it was her 30 minute play list and we laughed about that.  Shower again and then home.

In Summary
hot body
great services available and will explore those
she has a big box of toys at the bottom of the bed which i want to see more of
great English, not a problem at all
could see my with a 10 min warning

12 review(s) found for Ms Artemis linked to in above post (11 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Juankerr

Thanks for the review cocabean100  :hi:

Artemis is very good indeed and I'd like to see her again but I've not been back since her prices went up.

Good review mate.

I didn't get to see Artemis before the price rise which is a shame & I don't think I will at her current prices either.  Glad you had a good time though. :thumbsup:

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