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Author Topic: Pornstars with loads of porn videos on Adultwork?  (Read 1357 times)

Offline pirdorasy

Hi guys.
I know there were threads on this forum about pornstars from AW but there were many links with all the pornstars there are.

But I want to ask - which pornstars have lots of porn video on the internet? Not 1 or 2 videos, but at least 5 different videos. Because many pornstars have, like, from one to three videos on the internet and all of them are repeating on different sites. That's not interesting  :mad:
Can someone give me links to AW to those pornstars and also preferably links to the videos?

At the moment I know only one big pornstar, it is Kirie https://www.adultwork.com/242526

Please help guys  :rolleyes:
I don't care from which part of the UK they are.

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It's a punting forum mate not a research agency for lazy fuckers.

Do your own homework  :dash:

Don't fear OP, I'm on the case and will be back with a complete list shortly  :P

I'm not sure i would describe Kirie, as a pornSTAR

pornSLUT maybe!

I really dont see the attraction with kirie, shes f****g nasty, she'll probably end up dying of aids, dirty tramp :thumbsdown:

Offline JimmRed

:vomit: not sure I'd disgrace a barge pole with that. Jesus nasty.

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