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Author Topic: Cute Nicolla19 - Ipswich  (Read 807 times)

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Saw this girl last week. Working out of a house on Belstead Rd which was formerly used by a polish girl who gave me the best BJ of my life.

A quick call and we had a meet arranged. She sounded sweet on the phone if a bit subdued. Arrived at the house and was met by Nicolla who is the girl in the pics with a cute face and a cracking little body. She led me upstairs to a relatively nice bedroom where I handed my £70 for half an hour.

At that point it all became hugely mechanical. She stood in front of me and gave me the post limp, pathetic kiss I've ever received and began undressing me. I sad down on the bed and she laid down beside me for a bit of OWO. It wasn't the worst oral but I've never enjoyed it from the side I was the woman between my legs so I can actually see whats going on!

After probably around 30 seconds on went the condom and she climbed on. She had a very tight c*nt which to me just means shes not ready for sex but to her credit she gave me a decent ride. I soon got bored though it was depressing me looking up at her so I asked for doggy and in I went for a few mins before finishing. She has a lovely arse.

Overall I left feeling rather dejected it just all felt wrong. Certainly wouldn't return and could not recommend her to another punter.
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1 review(s) found for Cute Nicolla19 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Could you provide more details if her face? She kinda looks like she would be more girl-next-door with rounder facial expressions rather than sharper ones.

Am I right or wrong?

I assume you're judging that by her pics where the face is blurred out?

Whatever they have done to them has severely distorted the shape of her face, it almost looks like she has a double chin on one of them but alas no she has a nice slim face with soft features. She isn't stunning but she's pretty and very Polish looking.

Unfortunately she was just a poor shag!

Offline bodieA2

Sorry to hear about bad punt - I had been thinking about going to see her.
There have been a few polish girls working from that house. I had a cracking bj with cim from Julia who use to be there if same girl you are referring to. She left end of last year, regret not going to see her again.

Yep that was the girl! I too regret not taking more advantage of her time here, she was delightful.

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