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Author Topic: Lucy @ Natural Wellness Brewer Street, London  (Read 1651 times)

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I've posted a (neutral) review about this place before and, well, it's another neutral.  (My punting activities are limited to the occasional massage with extras really).

Anyway, called in here last week when I had some free time in Soho. Paid £30 at the desk for 30 minute massage and was asked to go downstairs where I was met by an ok looking Chinese woman in her 40s I guess who showed me to a room. About 15 minutes of very average back massage ensued at which point she asked me if I wanted her to wank me off. I enquired about B2B and we got into the usual very tedious haggling. I agreed £50 for B2B+HE. 

She stripped off to reveal a nice curvy and reasonably firm body for her age and then got on the table with me for the B2B. Unfortunately this was without any oil so was really just her rubbing her try tits all over my chest and cock. Still sensual but not as great as it could have been. Was going to make an issue of it but had already been through one haggling process so just decided to enjoy. After 5-10 mins of this she hopped off oiled up my chap and gave me a nice slow HE.

After she'd finished she went to the adjoining bathroom to use the sink and clean up then started silently putting her clothes back on. I had to enquire whether we'd finished. She wiped me down a bit but no shower was offered.

All very average really. She didn't oil up and wasn't really that into it.  (I'm well aware that my total spend of £80 would have got me a lot better elsewhere. Probably should have just gone to a walk up but I don't think I'd have the bottle).

Offline FrankieS

Thank you for the review, I prefer parlours myself. Have you noticed the general standard of service from parlours has fallen a bit? I've struggled the last 6 weeks to get a really top notch service. Maybe just me.

I think the experience is such a roll of the dice that it's difficult to identify any trends. It's all down to the girl you get and what she's up for I think. Hope you have more luck mate.

Offline Ariesteo

You mean the name Lucy? I can't find her from there

Offline peter296

Massagemike, you can muster up the courage to go to a walk up. When you do it once or twice, you notice it's like nothing different than going to a door.

Offline Ariesteo

Mike, I can't find anyone name Lucy from Natural Wellness, are you sure she is still there ?

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