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Author Topic: Buxom51 - Jacqui - of Stotfold, Herts.  (Read 755 times)

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 £100, no extra charges for full service for the hour.

Jacqui and I had exchanged emails a few times earlier this year, or more accurately I had emailed her with no success when she was in Luton. Now in Stotfold (a sprawling village approximately north of Hitchin and west of Letchworth) on a modest suburban street. Once I arrived I realised that I had been to the same flat before on 2 or 3 occasions for different ladies, I recall a duo of ladies from Tyneside early one morning before work where one of them had to be woken up to join in. But I digress.

Email exchange brief, practical and to the point. Date and time and postcode agreed and on the day I was a half hour early which she happily accepted with a few minutes’ notice.

Handed over the dosh tucked into a bar of Divine 85% chocolate which she said was her favourite and earned me an immediate kiss.

Clean 1st floor flat, clean bathroom, great 4 poster bed. Undressed and started a standing up snog and feely session – mister happy was also soon standing and her hands hardly stopped skillfully fondling him. She knows what she is doing.

Short dark hair, pale skin, nice smile, floppy whoppers breasts, floppy whopper belly, moist down below as soon as we began and eventually onto the bed.

We snogged some more. I buried my face in her whoppers. I buried my hand in her moist openings and managed quite a few fingers inside. She writhed and wriggled and came. I went down on her and engorged myself on one of the largest set of nether lips I ever encountered, in texture (not flavour) like huge oysters I think. Taste was OK also and after a long session I asked her if she knew what she tasted like which drew a smile and an open mouth and I snogged her again. Agreeing that she was not a vegetarian she went down on me and managed a really long deep set of sucks without making me climax, again I write that she knows what she is doing. The mountainous nature of her belly is overshadowed by her skill and her grin, and was not an issue.

I asked her what she liked and she said doggy. As she was already in the position having kneeled up to suck me I nipped round and poked her for a good long time and a very knee trembling prolonged climax. Nice one.

Wiped, caressed, cherished, discussed European city holidays, dressed and went on my way. I think this was another good one.

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