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Author Topic: TANIA in Canary Wharf  (Read 452 times)

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Offline _Cyrus_


Rate auoted: £100/h plus 20 for anal and cim
Does not see black guys.

Made a booking the previous day. Came to the address she sent the next day. It waa in Indescon sq. Canary Wharf. Called her. She knew I was there, saw me, made me go back and forth, I guess to see me.
- Can you give me 2 minutes for shower.
I said ok. Take your 2 minutes.
After about 5-7 minutes I get a message saying "Call me". Called her.
- There's a guy taking my fridge now, can you wait 2 minutes please.
I sort of knew where this was going but said ok.
She has a thick voice too which sort of put me off.
After 10 minutes the guy was still "taking the fridge."
Then another text followed - "Call me". She uses lycamobile and does not ever call.
I called her again, by which time I made my way into the building.
- Can you tell me how long you will take because that guy wants to come back in around an hour.
Well, it was going to go downhill from right there, wasn't it. So after waiting 20 minutes outside listening to total bs, I said I would rather leave and left.
What a time wasting bitch. I don't ever disrespect people in this profession but she is indeed a bitch that does not respect other people's time.
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Offline epiales

Thats Hot Tania on AW - had my eye on her, shame.

Offline _Cyrus_

Thats Hot Tania on AW - had my eye on her, shame.

As always, YMMV. This was my experience. Approach with caution. Cut it short at any attempt of timewasting.

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