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Author Topic: Pink Ladies Newcastle  (Read 1028 times)

After some help please guys, like the look of a few ladies on their books but alway been put off when the calendar shows numerous ladies on from what appears the same location....i.e, there could be quite a few WG showing Gateshead all at the same time. What I'm trying to avoid is a situation where there are more than one working at the same flat.....

Anyone had any experience of this happening or know each location is different for each girl?


Offline Winker121

Some of their places are only big enough for one girl at a time anyway!  Just go for it.

Offline dino1990

I have seen two pink ladies girls in the past and they were in different flats in bensham

Offline Marky

I once saw a Spanish girl in the Bensham flat, seemed to be the only one there.

Offline BrandsHill

I've seen ladies from Pink Ladies many times and never has there been any evidence of multiple use of a location. My recommendation if you are planning to use them is to talk to the guy who makes the arrangements about your preferences. If you want recommendations about current ladies I've seen you can PM me.
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thanks guys, just seems then they have multiple locations in the 1-2 areas.....


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