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Author Topic: Nina and Nicki 4 hand Fbsm  (Read 1510 times)

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Offline Stimpy

After posting a couple of reviews Nina has become a favourite of mine she offers great service and I just can't get enough of her tits in my face lol , booked Nina for a massage as normal text to confirm date time etc and simple "ok" message back turned up as normal and let into nina's apartment and somebody was in the shower she said her flat mate was showering so sorted paperwork waited a few minutes to take a shower arrived with Nina wearing black stocking suspenders and bra looked awesome , took a shower and got on the bed seen Nina a few times so don't have to discuss what I like massage started ( I like to get straight in to b2b and massage after ) chatting I suggested I should have booked a 4 handed off she trots to have a word (I hadn't seen her flat mate at this point ) , few minutes later ok move into nicki's room as it's the bigger so I get sort paperwork out again and get on the bed , nicki's wearing a black fishnet dress and pants , so start again me on my back Nina and Nicki start sensual massage/b2b no messing about straight into getting me aroused so off come there clothes and Nina slips on a condom and starts oral whilst I'm playing with Nicki ,she allowed me to touch pretty much anywhere but I didn't get delving to deep , few minutes later off comes the condom Nicki puts a fresh condom on moves over and again starts giving me oral ,Nina moves over to the side and starts playing with herself with her vibrator (something we've done a few times) I take over once she's got it inserted and start fucking her with it we my other hand trying to feel as many tits as I can reach ,this carries on for a bit until Nicki pulls condom off and starts hr whilst grinding herself close to my balls and shaft (a bit closer than I normally prefer but raging hard on) I do say I don't want full sex which Nicki. Replies "I don't do that" it didn't take to much longer until I exploded everywhere , Nicki and Nina cleaned me up I roll over onto my front and spend around half hour being massaged and chilled out ,finish off with another shower to clean off , awesome experience ,as I previously reported I think Nina is stunning ,and service is great (f's would be available but not my thing ) Nicki older than I'd expected I would put her in her mid to late 50's nice girl good fun and service but too old for me to see again I paid £80 to each girl for the hour so £160 in total




Offline Stapler

Good report Stimps!

Seems like the massage was an afterthought!  :D

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