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Author Topic: Sweet Sexy Girl - Aldgate East  (Read 870 times)

18 review(s) for Sweet Sexxy Girl... (8 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


1 hour
110 pounds

Advertised price was 100 but I paid 10 extra because I was not thinking straight.
Tall girl good body. Not fat. Big silicon bolt ons. A pussy no cock could fill.
FK but not DFK
OW and RO (OWO was offered)
Sex in a few positions
No fingers

I had booked an hour but stood waiting for her in the room for 10 minutes. Not a good start and the punt was over in about 45 minutes which minus the 10 minute hiatus was 110 for 35 minutes. That is one reason for the "neutral".

Another is that facials are on her list but not on offer.

Pleasant enough girl who did willingly what she was willing to do. So not a bad attitude as such. Geena Got into things to a fair extent but still was a bit remote. May be it was the language barrier. My guess is she is bored with the prozzy life.

Borderline negative but she was personable and polite, hence the neutral.

18 review(s) found for Sweet Sexxy Girl... linked to in above post (8 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative)

No fingers???
Might have been her time of the month and had a tampax stuffed up there??
Nearly went for her this afternoon as it goes, glad i didnt now lol

She is certainly interesting. I gave her a positive review when I saw her at the Whitechapel place - she had leather boots, jacket etc. When I called her the other day, she said that she didn't have any of that gear as it belonged to the flat, not her. And then she named the two WGs at that flat that I should see for that clothing. She was very nice, but what struck me was her willingness to make recommendations which has never happened to me before!

I don't think she had her period cause she smelled and tasted fine. Mind you that is no guarantee as I once had a punt in a poorly lit room and after lots of Muffdiving we went in to doggie and the cock was a bloody mess. Turned on the light and the room looked like a scene from Macbeth. So I must have been guzzling that girl's monthly. :vomit:

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