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Author Topic: Rita Screamer  (Read 1697 times)

Hi guys I think I know whats coming but has anyone seen this young lady?

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Offline Chuckman

Her last two reviews are from people who decided to break their two year vow of silence to give her FB so proceed with caution.

And last time I looked Birmingham is not in Worcestershire  :dash:

good points guys. I've had communication with her and she sounds great. anyone actually seen her?

Ok seen her yesterday and found a little star.... she won't be doing this for long so see her why we can.... late 20s but looks about 24/25 very pretty eyes, great gfe fully recommend. :dance: :dance:

Offline bod666

Will you bless us with a full review?
What services were on offer? How long did you see her for? Etc

Offline DannyJames

Barely any profile, no face photo, no CIM according to list, but wants £150 an hour.

For those reasons, she can fuck off.

Offline switch99

Worth booking for the name alone  :lol:

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