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Author Topic: late night masseuse  (Read 1497 times)

Offline everaad

Any one know of any masseuse who work evenings till late, 10 or 11pm
preferably located south of the Tyne, 
I know there are none in teesside since Katherine packed in.
any information  appreciated pm if you want

Offline everaad

Obviously a lot of masseuse work till these hours, no replies no pms.
can normally do mornings before noon, but for the next few weeks my only availability is late evenings,
a couple of years ago there would have been a couple of options Katherine in hpool or Linda Thai lady then in Easington.
Both were willing to see clients late evening
but sadly Linda now legit and Katherine packed in.
looks like celibacy is the order of the day.

There was a lady called Adina who used to regularly advertise on vivastreet. I think she was Polish if memory serves me right but it was a very long time ago that i saw her. Nothing spectacular but ok massage and a hand job. She was north of the Tyne though but did work late ish, although I'm fairly sure she only did outcalls.

Amaris on gumtree seems to respond to late messaging however I suspect she's romanian

Theres a market surely! Late night is idea for me.

Amaris is also elly escort on Newcastle back pages. Simple phone number Google reveals all.

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