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Author Topic: Jenna - HotBox - Northampton  (Read 690 times)

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Incall: Northampton
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: £100

Feeling horny and in need of a good strap on session, decided to call the Hotbox and see who was available.  Asked about Strap-on services and heard Jenna say that she loved it, so decided to book her.

Coms were easy and I had requested both Watersports and Strap-on service when making the booking an hour before.  The venue is easy to find, although parking in local streets after 6pm is not easy to find.  There are some car parks near by.

Jenna resembles the girl in the pics, but imho the pics are rather old.   On entering, I was directed to a small double room on the top floor, and soon after Jenna joined me.  She proceeded to ask for the money, which I remarked that it was £100 (special offer) to which she replied "Do I get a tip?"  She seemed a bit miffed when I said that we will see at the end of the booking.  She left the room and returned with a drink, before we moved to the bathroom for some watersports fun.

Jenna delivered a good watersports experience, after which we returned to the room and started with some DFK and OWO.  Moved onto anal play and she fucked me with the strap on.  Finished round one with more OWO, but as I was about to shoot my load in her mouth, she moved...!!  A quick clean up and shower and I thought that round two would be good.   

This is were it went downhill, despite confirming that we had 30 mins left, Jenna showed no inclination to get things moving and was just happy to chat and continued to ask for a tip.  I should have made an attempt to instigate round two, but was put off by the pleading for a tip.   With 15 mins left, I said that I was ready to leave, Jenna got dressed and said that she would meet me downstairs.   She did pop out of the lounge and was clearly expecting a tip as she looked at my empty hand!!!

Nice girl with a great bum and the watersports and strap-on was fun, but the begging for a tip and lack of round two makes it a negative for me.

Offline Jerboa

Wow pleading for a tip, not good, I would of given her a tip, never ask for a tip. It states in her profile she's 26, how old you say she is?

She is probably around the 26-30 mark.  She mentioned that she had recently returned after 8 months away and used to work under the same name in MK.  But I could not find any reports for her.
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Offline DannyJames

What terrible behaviour by this whore.

I'm sorry to hear of your wasted money but thanks for warning everyone.

Offline Jerboa

I see she's disappeared from the sites gallery, take it she's been sacked.

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