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Author Topic: BBC documentary on Holbeck RLD  (Read 852 times)

Offline Vivago

Just watched an interesting little 15 minute vignette on the legalised Leeds Holbeck red light area. No commentary, just the views of the girls (all crack or heroin addicts), a bf and the residents/business owners in the area. Gritty and non-judgemental.

I downloaded it from UKChaos but I think it must have been aired on BBC4 recently.

Interesting views from the girls including one who reckoned half of her customers are perverts. What only half? :sarcastic:

For anyone who is interested, there are sisters work the same patch (but I wouldn't fuck either with yours!). :thumbsdown:




posted image

It was an interesting, depressing, documentary and originally on BBC Three, it is still available here;


Offline RedKettle

Many years ago I picked up a street whore - looked very like the younger sister above.  Did not pay for sex again for years after that.

Offline spuds

The one with the neck injury even did a RealPunting video.  She even has the same neck injury in it so she couldn't have done it long after.  Shagging a crack whore is a bit of a step down for the site from shagging decent looking parlour girls!


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