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Author Topic: Katie hot Latin - London (aka Suzy Cortez Ms. Bum bum 2015)  (Read 1200 times)

14 review(s) for Valery latin ass  (5 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Take my review for what it's worth - I realize I'm not a veteran poster, but the following account is true.

I read the controversial thread about her and even chimed in that there was no way in hell it was Suzy. But after doing a bit of research, seeing that she was in fact in London (via instagram), I decided to try.

First things first - it is her. I have to eat my words on that.

Looks - she looks very hot. This was the best part of the punt for me. Physically she is stunning. Very pretty face I think. Booty is unreal, especially considering it's natural. But for me, it was too hard. She obviously squats more and more often than I do, and her ass is like a rock. I prefer a bit of bounce and jiggle, and she has very little of that. But you can see why she won the competition. Genetically she is a freak. 

Personality - I suspect she was on drugs. Either way, she seemed a bit dazed. She was able to communicate, and was coherent, but seemed a bit out of it. That said, she was nice to me, saying I was cute, etc. Her English is ok, she can communicate well enough. Btw, when you call, you talk to her assistant, who speaks good English.

Comms - again, b/c this is with the assistant, it's decent. The assistant was quick to reply to texts and straightforward on the phone. However, she delayed the punt by 30 min at the last second, telling me this only 10 min before the punt was to start. Not ideal. From other reviews, some had it worse in this respect it seems.

Service - this is why the punt is a neutral. She's obviously raised her prices, so I am comparing her to girls similarly priced. She dictates everything. I walked in and she started copping feels, saying I'm sexy, saying she wants to fuck. She looks good tho, so my dick just kicked and I went with it. She gave me OWO, it was ok, not bad, not great. Can't DT. Moved on to sex, she immediately got into doggy and put my dick in her ass. I'm thinking anal with ms. bum bum - ok! Again, for me, her ass, while visually stunning, is too hard (although it's real). It was hot to think I'm fucking this minor celeb, but I've had better asses for me. Did standing doggy too. She started to complain that I was fucking too much, that my dick is too big (6 in.), all not in an aggressive or annoyed way, just a bit whiny.

I talked with her after. She knows she's hot, and if you believe her, she has fucked quite a lot of celebs. She rattled off names nonchalantly, I tend to believe her.

So I'm not sure what to say guys. It's her. She's nuts. Her service is so-so. But she is hot as fuck. And it's likely you're going to have some issues with timing, etc. So to each his own.

14 review(s) found for Valery latin ass  linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative)

Offline Mario7769

it's a game of russian roulette with this psycho from the reviews I have read... HUGELY tempting to go just because as you say she is stunning, but this all just sounds shitty in geenral to be honest.

Her rep is really helping to raise the allure of fucking her.

Offline Kellog

You can tell she's crazy from instagram posts... hmmm

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