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Author Topic: miss.christina Birmingham  (Read 1369 times)

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Offline ThisGuy

Not the best punt I've had, it was still definitely a positive for me, but I can see other punters being put off by a few aspects.


£100 for 60 mins.

Comms - Arranged over text about 3 hours beforehand. Prompt replies. Christina texted 30 mins before to confirm. Got me to call her when I was outside to direct me in.

The location - nice apartment, near the hippodrome in B5. You might be lucky with street parking. I used a car park about 5 mins walk away. £1 for 1 hour or £3 for 24 hours.

I think there was someone else in the apartment who I never saw or heard - I just heard a TV on. Possibly https://www.adultwork.com/3124619 ?

The girl - exactly as shown in the pictures. She was wearing the bodystocking shown in the second pic on her profile. However, it would appear as if she has lost a good bit of weight in the past. She seemed to have some loose skin around her belly (though this was mostly hidden by the bodystocking) and her breasts had some loose skin.

The punt - I was greeted and led to the bedroom. We sorted the paperwork and I was offered (and accepted) a shower and clean towel.
When I returned from the shower I joined Christina on the bed. One thing I would note, is that Christina does not take the lead the same way most of the WGs I've seen have (and that I prefer), so there was a bit of uncertainty about progression during the punt.

We started with plenty of kissing, with me lying on my back and her on top grinding into me. After a few minutes of this, Christina asked if I liked oral. She then started a decent session of owo. It wasn't the best, but I thought it was reasonable, mostly focused on the head without too much depth but Christina used her tongue to good effect. One big positive for me is that she spent plenty of time on oral, without pushing to move on as I've found some girls would.

RO isn't listed in her likes and I've never done it anyway so it wasn't an issue for me but may be for some.

After a good while, Christina asked if I was ready for the condom, which I was. With it on, I told her I wanted her on top. We were in this position for a few minutes until I imagine Christina started to tire so she suggested doggy. After another few minutes of this, with Christina making the right noises (whether real or not they were quite convincing with an occasional slight moan, definitely not the over-the-top noises some girls make) I popped.

This was about 35 minutes into the meeting. I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage another round in the remaining time so we lay and chatted. Christina's English is good, but there was the occasional misunderstanding. I also had to lead the conversation which I'm not used to doing. At about 50 minutes in, I suggested I should go for another shower and was offered another clean towel.

Possible negatives:
-The loose skin
-I don't know if RO was on offer
-Christina was less leading than some
-OWO technique may not be what some of you look for, I enjoyed it though

-friendly, attractive, enthusiastic girl
-decent kissing (I've never understood what exactly constitutes FK or DFK so I'll not comment there)
-never felt rushed

Overall, I found this a highly enjoyable, positive punt. If I had the money, or if Christina was around for longer, I would definitely return. As it is, she told me she heads back to Czech Republic on Friday (12th August) which is too soon for a second visit from me :(

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Offline sules79

I saw miss.christina last Saturday.similar experience. RO was on offer.Slipped finger in and there were no complaints.I asked about the other girl.She said that her name is Veronica.I believe that is her  https://www.adultwork.com/3279569.
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Offline ThisGuy

Thanks for clarifying those. Christina did mention something about a Polish friend who could well have been Veronica when we were chatting. Though like I said there was the odd understanding so I didn't pick up on the context the friend was mentioned in.

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