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Author Topic: Daisy1987 - Plymouth  (Read 650 times)

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Offline jankg

https://www.adultwork.com/2895689 or https://www.adultwork.com/Daisy1987

I've had Daisy on my hotlist for a while, but to be honest I've mainly been seeing my regular lately so haven't seen many other girls recently.  Circumstances gave me an extended opportunity last month, and let's just say it was an expensive and very enjoyable month ;)  I caught up with some old favourites, had lots of fun with my regular and fancied trying someone new so booked Daisy for a one hour in-call.  Daisy doesn't show a phone number on her profile, so I dropped her an email a few days in advance.  She replied a few hours later and the booking was made with no problems.  Comms were friendly and she soon sent me her address and phone number.

As I think has been mentioned in a previous review, she lives in a slightly odd location and I had to park a street over and walk down a lane to get to her place.  I called 5 minutes before the booking time as I started walking down the lane to check she was ready, and she was, as it might have looked a little odd to loiter there waiting.  Daisy greeted me at the door wearing only a bra and thong.  Really attractive petite blond girl, with great skin.  She has a couple of tattoos on her back.

She led me to the bedroom, where we chatted getting to know each other for a while.  She's a friendly girl and easy to talk to.  The conversation ended and she gave me a cheeky smile and the tone of her voice changed as she gave me a sexy "hello".  We had a long sensual french kiss before losing our clothes.  After some more kissing, I moved onto her neck and then down to her boobs.  My first experience of "enhanced" boobs and there was nothing to put me off.  Time to go downstairs for a prolonged and very intense RO session.  Daisy was very responsive and seemed to really enjoy it, as did I!  She looked great as she writhed and moaned as she came.  Whilst down there I could see a couple of small scars on the underside of her tits from the boob job, barely noticeable.  This was followed by oral without on me, before the condom went on and she rode me.  Great technique in both cases.  Me then switched to missionary, before putting her legs over my shoulders and fucking her till I could last no longer and blow an intense load inside her (bagged of course).

The booking was sensual and intense, and I really enjoyed it.  She was clean, on time, really attractive and friendly at every step of the way.  Daisy seemed to be genuinely into it too which always adds to it, and she had a big smile on her face as she laid back on the bed after the action was over.  At £120 for the hour I think this was very good value for money.  I had a great time and definitely plan on returning and if you haven't seen her yet I can definitely recommend.  I should also mention that she duos with LeggyLacey, which I think would be some experience!

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6 review(s) found for Daisy1987 linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline markc65

Sounds very similar to my punts with this friendly & attractive girl

Looking forward to a return visit when back in Plymouth in a couple of weeks time

Offline Belisknor

Wait ages for a new review on Daisy and two pop up at the same time :) I'm hoping to see her this week if she's free fingers crossed.
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Offline Belisknor

Banning reason: White-knight

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