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    Author Topic: Pretty Cath 26 ~ West bromwich - B & S  (Read 714 times)

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    Offline getonit

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    £60 HH + £30 extra for A

    A new profile to the midlands so I checked on here and she had only cropped up on the South West thread previously and nobody actually saw her there but judging by the comments the picture and services may have changed. Curiosity got the better of me so I still arranged for a meeting but was on full alert mode as this is an area I had not been to previously .  The phone call was answered by a lady with an EE accent and a meeting was arranged , further communication was by text. Got to a grotty apartment complex not far from Sandwell hospital and as I approached the door to her flat it opened with her hiding behind it so had to go in to see who was there. I didn't need to be on FULL alert as quite obviously it wasn't the girl in the pictures , I was expecting this :

    But got this :


     I said straight away ' you are not cathy'   she looked surprised and she shook her head and said  'no 'and I said where is she? and she said 'she wasn't here'.
    But little brain sent a message to big brain saying ' have you seen the body on this?  I must admit I had, she was very petite , must be a size 6 at the most , facially not the best but o.k. defiantly not ugly , so I enquired about services and massage , kissing, sex , OWO and anal was on offer but as an extra. I had originally intended to stay an hour at £100 before the B & S so I said I would stay half hour with anal so I handed over £90 , I was curious if she would really do anal considering how slim she was.
     What followed was an excellent half hour with all her services provided as agreed , including the anal which she took well and a CIM finish. I did ask her what her AW profile was and she didn't have one but used vivastreet and others when she is usually working at her normal place of Edinburgh.

     So this is a strange one , I have to give it a negative as it was a B &S ,  that's the bottom line , but if you are guaranteed to see the girl I did it would have been a big positive .

    oh my that photo of her on her knees would do it for me I wonder where she is

    Offline Ming

    Now this poses a quandary, the profile of Cath does little for me, but the pics you have posted do, how did you get the pics of the girl you saw and how would one guarantee a meeting with the little size 6 filly?

    Ming  :hi:

    Online Madone1

    Going by the pics of both girls I think this was an upgrade this is the sort of bait and switch we would all be happy with.

    Offline getonit

    I found the pics I posted through the information I got out of her , She said her name was Agnes and said she worked in Edinburgh and had advertised on vivastreet . So , I have done some more digging and there is an advert on vivastreet with her showing in west brom and also the same phone number as the Adultwork one. So they made a new VV street ad for her but couldn't be bothered to create a new adultwork one , anyway here is the link :

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