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Author Topic: London Massage Parlours  (Read 3531 times)

Offline af1231

Does anyone have a list of Massage parlours in London or have a good one that they can link me to?


Offline af1231

Already know about HOD.

Has anyone used the ace massage website. http://www.acemassage.net/southeastlond/ quite a few of these parlours/brothels on there that I could get to quite easy just not sure whether the site is trustworthy

Offline Urban_G

Ace Massage is legit, no doubt about that as I've been using them for quite some time now.
I'm pretty certain all the establishments are valid, just beware of some of their profiles if they are not using verified pictures.

Offline lovingfacials

Doesnt P/N have a list of S/P & Parlours ?

Also I know of another punter forum that as lists of parlours but not sure if they can be mentioned on here -PM me if you would liek it, in case naming it here breeches any rules

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