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Author Topic: Claudia Bath - Avoid  (Read 530 times)

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First time on UKP and sadly a neg but feel it needs to be done.  :drinks:


Met in Travellodge Bath Centre. It was late but she was keen to see me - offered me overnight for 1000-1500 when I got there, but no chance I was going to do that - happy to have got away for 'just' 150 the hour.

Comms were good throughout to be fair.

She was weird throughout the meet though - wouldnt let me kiss her or do RO or rim her or barely even touch her or her tits. She stayed in her lingerie the whole time and recoiled every time I went under it. I got the distinct impression she didn't like me, but when I asked her later she said she felt I didn't like her .... then why did I hand over a days pay you daft cow?

I showered well at the start of the meet and Im clean and not a monster - get on brilliantly with most WGs, but as has been said before there's something not quite right about this one..

All BJ was covered (we got thru about 6 condoms - none filled) and mechanical and she constantly pulled faces and looked at me like I was fucking nuts, even going so far as to wince at the taste of the condom and change it while looking at me reproachfully.... Im not responsible for the outside you know!

She IS attractive and had made an effort, but from the moment I walked in she was just not there.

She couldn't offer me a drink, not even water when I was thirsty. She perked up when out of desperation i agreed to a vibe up my bum, but she did it like I was at the doctors. I resorted to asking her to slap me, but even this didn't get her to act anything more than remotely interested.

I really dont know what was going on here, I could barely get hard the whole time and walked off asking for a refund. None was forthcoming as she said Id been there 50 minutes - not quite true, but I was so nonplussed that i just left it ... resolved to dob her in to reception but thought better of it.

In the name of reconciliation, I rang her from the car on the way home, and surprisingly she answered. I asked her what happened, gave her loads of options to tell me what she thought and she just said, ' Idon't know baby, I don't know'. Told her maybe we should get drunk and she sent a sweet flirty text back but it was WAY too little WAY too late.

Im sure she has her regs who appreciate her charms but if you are looking for someone with an ounce of creativity or imagination, this one is just not the one to go for based on my experience last night.

Sorry Claudia. :dash: :dash: :dash:

3 review(s) found for Claudia® linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online EnglishRebecca121

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"Told her maybe we should get drunk "

er why ?? :unknown:

That's bad luck Intruder, she certainly looks hot and has good feedback.
I tend to stay clear of whores who start their profiles with phrases such as '' the profile of the most gorgeous escort alive''

seen her on friday
will put up a review later tonight

Offline pking_paul

seen her on friday
will put up a review later tonight

Commented on size in your report, just wondering if the OP could comment on her size too, as she claims to an 8 and looks like one in her pics? 12s and up don't do it for me.

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