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Author Topic: Worst Punt  (Read 1778 times)

Jesus that could have put me off for life  :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:

To be fair, some of the flats I've been to in the intertnet era have been pretty bowfin'...and still seen dirty fannies and arses that would give a sewer cleaner the dry boak.

Offline ickydicky

  :lol: sounds  horrendous

its dundee so not applicable to the rest of the country
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Offline bigmike32

My worst punt has to be with lucy.uk as she doesnt seem to have sex with her punters it was a basically a 70 pound handjob.

My worst punt to date was about 3 years ago with Canadian Wendy.  I've never been with a Romanian (or maybe I have, because Wendy didnae sound very Canadian to me) but some of the stories I've read on here remind me of the half hour I spent in Wendy's company.  I found her aloof, cynical and rude.  She got the job done, somehow, but I left almost feeling used.  I remember her profile saying something about how this was her last ever tour and, green as I was at the time and taken in by her profile pictures (which, by the way, are largely the same ones she is still using), I took the plunge.

It was only about my third ever punt; if it had been my first it might well have been my last.   :cry:

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