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Author Topic: North Devon  (Read 585 times)

There appears to be absolutely nothing up here. Even the local massage parlour is run by a fella. Does anyone know of anywhere to get either a massage with extras or a full on paid shah?

This is getting desperate lol!!

Offline ickydicky

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aye would bang that. bit far tho.

Apparently she is a timewaster and hasn't been.active on AW since June :-(

Online Corus Boy

Profile last logged in two days ago?

Offline NIK

You are in the wrong section, but I wouldn't think it's a hotbed of prossying.
Maybe try South Devon?  :D

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Offline badsin

You'll have to travel to Dorset - seems to be wall to wall crumpet around Bournemouth :hi:
Alternatively, looks like some decent totty in Cornwall. I reckon you'll have to plan your punts carefully, rather than spur of the moment punts.
Alternatively take a look on Seeking Arrangements  :hi:

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