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Author Topic: LindaLoveMuch - wow, A++ for effort  (Read 3667 times)

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Offline samsama

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3196227

Only one review here but well, I saw her non-photoshopped pics (just check her video thumbnails) and it basically made me go for her.

Comms: booked via text, great, set up for an hour later

£80 for 30 minutes

The place: Nice flat in a recent building near Aldgate East. Was a bit difficult to find the right entrance! Apartment was nice and spacious with a big bed and a mirror

The meet: First of all. Wow. Linda is HOT. Pretty much what her pics show... in even more busty than that. Big (fake) tits, massive ass and thighs (most likely fake as well). Initially she asked me if I wanted a threesome, with the other girl that's on her gallery (Laura). I turned it down (didn't have the cash for it anyway), but she still insisted to introduce me to her friend, who was better looking than the pics imo - she's actually pretty tall and slim. Anyway after telling her I was not interested, there we go

Linda started by rubbing her back and ass on my dick while standing in front of the mirror to make sure I could enjoy the view. She took my hands to put them on her breasts and her pussy - seemed very commanding! I just followed with the flow. A little bit of DFK - tongue included - and she kneeled down for OWO. Noticing she took an angle to make sure the mirror view was great. Great and lengthy owo!

She then pushed me on the bed so I could play with her great breasts, and even pulled off the "lick my tits and kiss me at the same time". You know like she licks her own tit along. Cool. Went then on her and she looked very eager for me to do some RO. I actually don't usually do it but she got me so horny and excited that I indulged. Shaved but annoying stubble around, she was still reactive and tasted pretty good. She really wanted it to last, keepin my head between her legs as long as possible. Then went for 69 at her initiative (commanding I said? definitely. Maybe too much? To be honest at this point I was so horny I was just gladly following). Then lengthy 69, on both sides : started with me on top then vice versa.

At this point, it was time to put the condom on. She put it on with her mouth while sucking me. Started with doggy, then mish, then her on me. Her commanding nature kinda showed in the three positions - she always took the lead. Unusually enough for a WG, she was really putting a massive amount of effort and that was physically exhausting, although amazing. Even for cow girl she asked that I don't move so she could freely ride me. Well what can I say. Do ride, I'll enjoy it. That was a great, intense, rather lengthy session.

Now I forgot to mention something but... Before getting there I was honestly not really horny - mostly because I relieved myself a bit earlier. I ended up going to see her anyway just because I felt like it. So it was actually pretty hard for me to cum. And boy, she put an amazing amount of effort to make sure I did. So we finished it with a HJ and tittyfuck and I released the little I had on her wonderful breasts

So ultimately... Wow. I left the apartment drained, exhausted and satisfied. That was an intensely satisfying meet. Will definitely come back - but this time I'll make sure I stay dry for a week or two before that  :D

So overall


- Absolutely gorgeous
- Superb attitude
- Great OWO
- Great sex,  multiple positions at her initiative
- Always positions herself so there is a great mirror view
- A++ for effort

Possibly negatives (not really negative to me but I guess some people could see it as negative):

- Wants RO. A lot. Will put you in regardless haha
- Very commanding. If you're expecting the tender GFE, that's not what you'll have, she'll lead you to a proper PSE and will give her all to that
- Fake tits and ass - if it's not your cup of tea you won't like her. I personally found her very hot

Honestly great experience. I'm more of a GFE kind of guy and that was actually my first real PSE and... I loved it. To be done again!

10 review(s) found for LindaLovemuch linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline 1982pete

Would you suggest Linda or Laura?

Good to hear you had a good time. I keep meaning to see her again now that she's in Aldgate East

Offline jsparky


Just as I thought, Linda and her friend Laura both look too 'manly'....... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Offline Anadin

Nice review. She's shorter than I expected even after watching her videos. Her hips, thighs and arse are amazing but agreed she's a bit commanding & the parking in that area is terrible before  5:30pm

Offline Persie

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