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Author Topic: Alisha-massage Wokingham  (Read 946 times)

6 review(s) for alisha-massage (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline thor555

The First time reviewer blurb:
After much consideration and my OH depriving me of the calling. Lets just say 4 times in 3 years just didnt cut it. Long story short start of nice and easy with a massage. Got the punting phone at the ready got the hotlist started up, all ready to go!! Thanks to all the guys posting here couldnt have made the move to this side of the fence with out you! Right thats all the fluffiness out of me!!! First time review take it easy on me! Ive had a few punts now and have a bit of know whats good and whats not so its about time i give back!

The Link:
Seen her a few times now

The car parking:
Loads of space to park discreetly not a good idea to rock up in her drive dont think she will be happy.

The place:
Her own house in a safe area. Clean and tidy

The girl:
Great to look at. Nice tats on her back if you are into that. I like them. Big boobs nice nipples.

The ride (30mins):
Punt started well, nice welcome. I was fresh as a daisy had a shower before coming out so no shower needed. Kegs of and on to the massage table. Started of with a nice friendly chat and good massage skills. She skillfully allowed her boobs to swipe your hands and was ok with touching no finger though which was fair enough as its only supposed to be a massage but we all like to try our luck dont we  :D B2B started and we both went silent. Heavy breathing on the neck and back which was a nice touch. Flipped over to the other side and on with oil. Awesome hand job and a tit wank with some oil. Had to ask for a top up of the oil as it was getting a bit tug and warish! No issues with asking for more oil and we were back in to business. Nice slow tit/hand job. Had not wanked for a bit so the happy ending was happier for me than it was her cum all over her tits. A bit shocked but all good. Good service she cleans you up (none of this can you sort your self out with a single wipe). Had 10mins spare she volunteered to massage more who am i to say no thanks!
Nice chat to finish off if you like chatting think she would go silent if your not into that (i went a bit silent at some points couldn't be assed chatting just wanted to relax)

A Shower with clean towel (which was bit small but was ok i guess)and I was on my way! Extremely happy with my first semi punt.

Would i cum again! Yes i would!

6 review(s) found for alisha-massage linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for your first review. She is based in Wokingham, rather than Woking. I'm assuming that is where you met her as I'm not sure she tours?

If so, then if you click on 'report post' you can ask Admin to change it if you can't modify the review yourself because it's timed out.
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Offline thor555

Yup apologies it was Wokingham I'm being a bit mindless can't seem to find the report button!!

Offline Cunning Punt

Go to your original post and on the right at the bottom it says 'Report this post'. Click on it and write one sentence request to admin.

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