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Author Topic: Tiffany premium Shields  (Read 1397 times)

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Offline happy-jack

I hadn't seen Tiffany for quite a while, not for the want of trying just couldn't match up dates and locations. Anyway managed to catch her today in shields. The flat is canny for an agency flat well kept, clean, terraced street but no over looking houses opposite so fairly discreet.

Booking was a half hour at premiums rate of £60 and all coms were handled by June, no problems to arrange. I arrived texted for the door number and was promptly given it. I knocked and Tiffany answered nice and quickly so no hanging about outside which is a pet hate of mine. Once inside I was greeted with a kiss and hug from Tiffany who was wearing a matching black Lacy set and stockings. She herself if about 5'1 size 6 with great enhanced boobs and a nice tan. Facially as I've mentioned before she's very attractive and has put darker bit in her hair so it's not all red like it used to be and it looked great.
Into the bedroom and Tiffany offers me a lap dance which of course I accept. During this I learned 2 things 1 I love lap dances and 2 I'd be no good in a club with no touching rules. Groping her tits and kissing her neck during was especially raunchy. Tiffany then slithers down to between my legs removes my jeans and begins with some brilliant owo with some deep throat and face fucking for good measure. After stopping her 2 or 3 times it was on with the mac and we started in a spooning kind of position. Her pussy is really tight and after some more positions doggy, mish, both cowgirls etc I couldn't hold on and finished in the mac. We lay chatting for a few minutes no rushing at all I dressed and left (was offered shower at start and end)

Overall I had a brilliant punt with a real safe bet my hope is I won't have to leave it so long next time.
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Offline Looking4fun

Good review mate, good to read that she's still a great performer

Offline Rod trotter

Nice that shes still on top form.

Cheers ;)
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Online alfie2013

Great review, will have to get round to seeing her  :hi:


 :thumbsup: nice review, I have just posted on another thread that I haven't used Premium yet, I think this will change, she looks great. :drinks:

Offline happy-jack

Thanks chaps :thumbsup: like the lady in question I aim to please!
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Offline happy-jack

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