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Author Topic: Czech Sasha Heathrow  (Read 2850 times)

13 review(s) for CZECHXXSASHA (8 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I don't think the OP is vengeful. He was not even obvious about her doing any kind of bareback. Every W / G may do bareback with someone she likes or loves and as long as she does not do with every punter it should be fine.

I agree that the pimp or the W / G may have contacted him to change his mind  :drinks:.

From what I have understood so far, tilts, forgive me if I got it wrong because I understand English is not your first language:

1. According to you, She allowed you, a client, to rub your cock bareback on her pussy/clit, and you have done so. Hence she might be allowing others to do the same as well. You gave her gifts hence maybe she allowed you to do this.

2. She will not see you anymore because of above. You however have some convoluted logic about her being embarrassed to see you because someone else was not interested in her. (That sounds totally nonsensical).

3. She told you she barebacked a taxi driver who also jizzed in her (Too much Information for anyone to give anyone else).

4. After giving her a negative review based on the fact that she refused to see you (ie did not waste your time etc), you suddenly came back in a few weeks, remorseful of having given her a neg. did her pimp threaten you? Or did she agree to see you again?

Based on above, I am inclined to feel that you are:
1. Being vengeful at her refusing to see you and might well be putting out rumors of her barebacking and allowing bareback stroking, to hurt her business

2. A bit deluded and too caught up in love with this girl

3. Afraid that the pimp might get to or might have already gotten to you.

Well Dicky
and all above. its entirely your choice to assume, conclude & have a perspective mate, of what i mentoned... :yahoo: i'll stop commenting on this thread. its merely some info of what i felt. like anyone else on here giving a positive or negative review based on their experience...but if you can see something else apart from this, then its because you are that person that you think i am...An old saying - what you think that you see in others exist in you.. all the best..

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