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Author Topic: Thai Pranee - Edinburgh  (Read 1348 times)

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Offline Lothian83



Called this lady today at lunchtime, struggled a bit to understand the address so she text me. I was only 5-10 mins walk away. Got to the street. Just off North Bridge and Chambers St, text to say I was there, was given building number then once inside was given flat number. A bit of searching later I found the right floor and small corridor and door was cracked open awaiting me.

Once inside was greeted by a small, petite, smiling Thai lady, probably 40+, but pretty and cheery with a nice gown on showing here pert ample tits, not huge, not tiny.

Agreed on 50 for 30 mins but then asked for 30 for 15 min suck and fuck.

Groping and getting undressed had me hard, she rolled a condom on me then slid it down all the way with her mouth, nice touch and as big as I've looked in a condom before, no shrinkwrap affect :)

Nice bj and then she kneeled on the bed and asked me to go slow as I was big, (I'm only about 6.5-7" but pretty thick) but was happy to go slow as was horny as fuck anyway. A bit of doggy and feeling her long nipples and soft spanks of her ass, filled the bag, cleaned me up, bit of groping and joking, I used the loo as she took another call and I left.

Great value for money and relaxed visit with a nice wee woman :)

2 review(s) found for pamela strong linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ickydicky

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Fair play to you. I couldn't bring myself to fuck her personally.

Offline Lothian83

The face pic of her on AW looks nothing like her if that helps, she's far nicer in person.

I've met her. Didn't enjoy the experience so when she asked me to fuck her, I was like no thanks.

Online godwulf7

I'm with Lothian on Pranee...  I saw her last spring in Aberdeen and expected to enjoy just a massage and a bj.  She got me well into things, and she turned out to be quite a pleasant and enthusiastic shag.  Nice tight pussy, big firm boobs, good DFK, fun to fuck in different positions, lovely to feel her pussy gripping my cock when she came.  Finished with a nice half facial/half cim with her on her back, and then onto a good warm oil massage for the rest of the hour.  Pretty good  VFM for 100 notes.  She was fun, and easy to be with.  Sort of giggly, but experienced and in good shape for her age.  I didn't expect to have that much fun, to be honest.

Each to their own but let's not get carried away here. We're not talking about some rough diamond but a rough 50yo Thai whore who's has sucked more cocks than the combined membership of UKP has had hot dinners.

Online godwulf7

What can I say?  She surprised me with a good service, and disappointed you with a crap one.  It happens.  Like you, I've had plenty go badly for me when I expected better.  Luckily, the lights were low, so it was more about how it felt!  😜

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