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Author Topic: Anny Sexy Oriental - DERBY DE1  (Read 1612 times)

6 review(s) for Anny Sexy Oriental (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Iloveoral

https://www.adultwork.com/3667220 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anny+Sexy+Oriental

I saw Anna only a few days after she arrived, loved her photos and couldn't get my shit over there quick enough, 4 days in the country and never done this before this was me chance to destroy her haha

Was greeted by a lovely smile, cute, sexy lady, was offered a bottle of water and a shower, I'd showered before as always so declined but took the water  ;)

From the start DFK, passionate, sexy wow!!

My finger is in her pussy deep and my tongue still down her throat I knew I was in for a good time  :dance:

I layed back on the bed as she got on her knees, the owo was fantastic, she knew her thing.
Licking and sucking on my balls, licking the shaft up to the head and back before she spread my legs and plunged a tounge up my ass, I chucked out "ohhhhh that tickles" and she laughed, and continued, I didn't ask for this and was pleasantly surprised  :)

RO then 69, loving the taste of her juicy pussy!! Strangely I noticed she was extremely dry, like really really dry to start, I put my tongue in and it was tight, had to spit to start lubing but once going her juices flowed.

Condom on and mish with lots of passionate DFK, truly enjoying myself, we did a few more positions including her riding before I asked her to suck it some more, condom off she went very very deep, eyes looking right at you, she says you can cum in mouth mouth if you would like?

Well, clearly I would like and she took the biggest load, sucked until I was fully drained and then went off to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

I stayed for a massage that must have ran 15-20 over the time as we talked, was not rushed at all.

We kissed as I left, as I got in the car I though that's one of the best sessions in forever, I'd rate it as top 3

A few days later I revisited, it was an early 11am as I had a meeting locally at 9am and was free :)
I walking in and she looked a bit gloomy, realised it was me from the other day and I got a massive cuddle and kiss :)

The 2nd visit service was as good as the review above, will return again but I do like new faces, certainly recommend this one 110%

6 review(s) found for Anny Sexy Oriental linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Iloveoral

Just an update as my review doesn't quite seem inline with a few others strangely.....

So after another argument with the OH this morning I'm in the car looking to release some frustration and thought I'd give Suza a ring (also in Derby same place as Anny), the maid confirms the time and I repeat twice "it's 100 percent Suza right?" The maid says no it's Anny alone this morning, I thought whilst on the phone I'd talk about the B&S a bit more, saying she's pudding punters off sending them to the girl they think is in the profile and her only answer is sometimes that girl is busy, she says "customers should ask for the specific girl by name" to which I reply I called Suza's number wouldn't that indicate I won't Suza, she does apologies and I accept the Anny booking slot.

Walked in and got a big smile and cuddle as this is now the 3-4th time haha

Services were as per my previous review, all offered passionately without question, kissing, cim, this time I added her face fucking me it was tasty  :lol:

After I stayed to chat about reading reviews of her poor service and I'm told confidently it was Emma that was switched with her, Emma also had been arguing with customers all week and finished an hour booking early (sounds like one of the reviews), she also tells me Emma doesn't kiss / anal / rim / and if she can get away with it owo and another customer rang to complain to the madam (sounds familiar also).

If anyone does go to see Anny I'd stress heavily on the phone that's who you want, as Anny can't do anything about it if she's already sitting on a cock when the next guy arrives.

I hope this helps clear a few things up and would strongly recommend (even though I've never met her) no one books Emma, it will be shit and a waste of money :wacko:

Thanks for clarifying that one ILO, nice one :thumbsup:

So the Emma is this one:

https://www.adultwork.com/3576852 or https://www.adultwork.com/EmmaXXX%2E

So we now have the unedifying situation that Anny has two neutral reviews - which had their authors known should be negative for B&S - but where the service is not reflective of Anny, and worse in my view there are missing negatives for Emma. What a dogs dinner.

2 review(s) found for BritneyXXX. linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline pussypilot

Has Anne got any tattoos or anything that is distinguishing her from other girls there? It would be good to know which girl is which before we start.     :unknown:
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Offline Iloveoral

Yeah that's the link to Emma she looks miserable too  :dance:

Offline Iloveoral

Anny has a tattoo above her ass about 9" wide, you'll know the difference as she is a little chubbier with real tits (big girl tits) and stretch marks on the belly, sounds like I'm really selling her  :lol:

Offline Rugby99

I don't think it was Emma I saw, but glad you had a good punt. Also the girl I saw did have a tattoo there......she might have just not liked me though  :(
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Offline Rugby99

I'm now thinking I need to book half an hour to work out for sure who I saw  :crazy:

Offline Iloveoral

If you do matey make sure you say on the phone "I only want to see Anny" or a safe bet apparently (as long as you get the right girl again!!!) is Kimmie in Arnold, I'm yet to try but read some good reviews regarding services.

When I was there this morning I was shhhh'd to be quiet as Emma had a customer, poor bastard  :lol:

Saying that, Anny wouldn't admit to giving a poor performance I guess, she also mentioned she didn't do 1 hour meets as they are to long, so maybe she was the girl that was shit it's hard to say.
« Last Edit: August 07, 2016, 07:24:40 PM by Iloveoral »

Welcome back ILoveOral,

After I stayed to chat about reading reviews of her poor service and I'm told confidently it was Emma that was switched with her, Emma also had been arguing with customers all week and finished an hour booking early (sounds like one of the reviews), she also tells me Emma doesn't kiss / anal / rim / and if she can get away with it owo and another customer rang to complain to the madam (sounds familiar also).

I saw her today after being unable to get hold of Kimmie all afternoon (phone seems to ring briefly before someone would hang up)
She seemed quite abrupt on the phone but I assumed it a grumpy maid and wasn't able to confirm anything with her apart from definalty seeing Anny. I was running a little late as soon I notified her someone else had taken my spot. Phone at agreed later time and told to wait longer (pretty sure she answered whilst with the previous punter), to be fair she phone me to say when she was ready. She was trying to push me into only taking 30 mins but I explained I wouldn't finish in that time and would like an hour with her. It was vey rushed, trying to get a condom on me within 5 mins, plently of wet wipes to deal with, hardly any kissing, her clock seemed to start the moment the previous punter left, apparently I'm too big for anal (always been fine with a regular size johnny doubt I'm bigger than average), further sex wasn't going to happen after 40 mins, seemed to be a in rush to finish me off and get the next guy on the conveyer belt.
When I got home I had to check on adultwork it wasn't Emma but that tat's definatly match

will get a neutral review posted soon

Hmm, this Anny girl is proving very variable  :unknown:

NiN - when you post your review, make it clear you checked it was definitely her, and not a B&S, so we can all be confident its a review of Anny, not a B&S review if you follow my drify ;)

will get a neutral review posted soon

Not sure if Emma got a tattoo above her arse as well but should tattoo would confirm it's Anny

Offline Iloveoral

I've got Annys private number now just so the maid don't try and shaft me with Emma

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