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Author Topic: Lucy.uk - Aberdeen  (Read 740 times)

4 review(s) for LUCY.UK (1 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Just catching up on some reviews from a while ago.  I've seen Lucy twice, once in autumn 2015 and most recently Jan of 16, both in Aberdeen.

https://www.adultwork.com/1687606 or https://www.adultwork.com/LUCY%2EUK

It's hard for me to put neutral, because I really like this girl.  She's a lovely, young scottish girl who is very personable and chatty; and if I do say so, I would probably rate her my favourite looking WG I've been with.  I don't say best-looking, but favourite.  She is my kind of shape, curvy with great hips and ass. 

The reason the review is neutral bordering on negative is that I didn't get what I wanted out of the meet. 

The first meet was 1hr.  Her flat was very nice, just off golden square, and she had good coms.  Like I said, she is beautiful and even more so being just my type.  We started talking and had some decent banter...but it kept going and going.  We were sitting on the bed and I kept reaching up and lightly touching her leg, trying to move things along, but she wouldn't.  She is a good talker and just kept at it.  I know I should have been more forthcoming and just said, 'Alright, let' do this.' but I wasn't quite that confident. 

It finally progresses a bit and she gets naked.  She starts stroking me and giving some good OWO.  I wanted to keep myself lasting so I started going down on her.  I loved it and she seemed to too.  Good acting or pleasure, I don't really care.  I had fun and enjoyed her and she 'came' (again, couldn't care less about the authenticity). 

Here's where my struggle comes in.  Her handjob is the best ever, no contest.  I didn't pay for a handjob, but for a full service GFE and that's where the review comes in.  If you want a quick handy, pay for 15 mins and get the best in the world.  If you want to actually have sex, you might be better looking elsewhere.  She uses her mouth a bit, but it's mostly spit and hands.  I came, a great O, actually, and left a bit early.  I was disappointed in myself for not being more vocal about wanting more and felt like I let myself down paying for an hour of sex and coming away with a handy.  My fault, but a bit her's too.

The second time she was back up I wanted to see her again (she's beautiful, I have a penis, what can I say?) but this time booked for 30 mins.  The chat was still there, and we had the same basic meet, just this time I knew what I was going for.  A great handy with some OWO.  She's still beautiful and I do still keep an eye out for her to come back because she's just my type looks-wise and I really want to fuck her, and boy the pickings are slim in ABZ just now. 

All in all, she's a nice girl, not a mean time-waster and a more forceful personality would probably get things moving more than I did.

Ass - 10/10
Face - 8.5/10
Personality - 8/10 but too chatty, so practically more like 3.5/10

I would see her again cause I'm a glutton for punishment, Fife accents, and her seductive curves.
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4 review(s) found for LUCY.UK linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

 Oh dear, 'looking'. You have just distinguished yourself by awarding UKPunting's first 'Neutral' to a WG who, in her native Fife, has a monopoly on 'Negatives'. To put it in context, her performance (or complete lack of it) is bad even by the standards of Fife, an acknowledged wasteland of punting.
Your account rings true to those of us who have had the dire misfortune to meet Lucy.UK. She takes your money then won't perform. This is not whoring; it's scamming.
If you think she was passable, then your punting bar must be set really low. Use the 'search' facility here and see what the consensus is.
Still, if you are happy with her, why not go really upmarket next time by trying a Romanian...

Offline bigmike32

You have awarded her a neutral she deserves to get a negative. I seen her before i joined uk punting and although she is decent looking and had a nice body her services sucked. I expected a gfe and got a handjob barely a bj and that was it. Hearing how much she makes and for the service she provides makes me sick.

Yeah, I know she's got negative. I've definitely had much better punts than her. She might be becoming my white whale and I'll not rest till I my hole from her!  Haha but you're right, I've been scanned by her to put it bluntly.

I guess I put nuetral because I didn't feel quite as dirty as I may have from other punts
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Offline bigmike32

Just give up on her mate she if you have seen her twice and not got your hole then there is no point shes just scamming punters. I went once and wont go back.

Offline Friskyfifer

The Lucy.UK

I have pelted her she is a great fuck... However as per previous reviews by myself and other members it takes some going to get your cock in her cunt

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