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Author Topic: Sweet&dirty devil - Stratford  (Read 404 times)

3 review(s) for sweet&dirty devil (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Catching up on some reviews.


Fiona had bid on a few RB's and talked a good game but finally took the plunge and arranged to see her for an hour at the beginning of the year. English is quirky but very good comms via e-mail. When close, called for directions to her home. Bumped in to her having a cigarette outside. Current hourly rate is £150. I think I paid £10 or £20 less at the time.

As per previous reviews, she is slightly mad in an engaging way and absolutely *not* in her late 30s. Add 10 years at least. However, for her age she is pretty fit. Great legs.

A very much unrushed appointment. Insisted she sat me down for a coffee and a chat before a shower and this went on for a while interspersed with her jumping on me for some DFK, calling me a "fucker" (nicer than it sounds) and warning me she likes to be in the driving seat. She carried on with these despite my repeated assurances her profile interested me for exactly that reason.

Eventually managed to escape the piping hot coffee for a shower. Her place is small so pretty cramped but serviceable.

Action was on a single bed. She oiled herself up and seemed to enjoy sliding up and down my nether regions in between decent enough bouts of OWO. Eventually suited me up and rode me cowgirl before some intense mish to a satisfying finish. It was hot in her place but I don't think I've ever gotten as hot on a punt. She's very energetic.

Absolutely in no rush to kick me out and must have been chatting for a good 20 minutes after the event before showering and leaving. I must have been in there longer than an hour all in but I had somewhere to be and truth be told I didn't fancy her that much. Round 2 wouldn't have been a problem had that not been the case.

She won't be everyone's cup of tea. I found her quirkyness endearing but that's not what most of us punt for and there's a decent chance you might be disappointed if basing your decision on the pics, plus profile. However, service was good and whilst there are a lot of better options, I wouldn't rule a return out completely if short of those so a neutral from me.

3 review(s) found for sweet&dirty devil linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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