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Author Topic: Unit 8 party - Sheffield 28.07.16  (Read 933 times)

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Offline Babu


The night begun with the punters and WGs in the lounge chilling out on the sofas and having a chat whilst the pole dancer gave a performance on the pole.

The 3 girls (Vikki, Monica and Isabelle) went into one of the rooms to prep whilst the guys hung outside the room ready for it to open and get the action going. The door opened and the girls were on the bed licking each other out and inviting the guys to get involved.
Monica and Isabelle stayed in that room whilst Vikki went to the other room with me and and a couple other guys, started with a blowjob and then I got a condom on and had sex with Vikki. Everything was great but I wasn't going to cum so made my way out of that room and back to the other room with Monica and Isabelle.

Monica got off the bed and brushed past me and bent over and in I went. Gave this a good banging  and a nice kiss and still didn't cum. Break time and the everyone cooled down for a bit and chilled in the lounge again whilst others went to have a smoke outside. Vikki got a guy into the Mistresses’ Lair and gave him a dom session whilst the rest of us watched from a safe distance.

Back to the action and the pole dancer (forgot her name) was in one of the rooms gving a bj to someone and I got involved in this room and she gave me a bj afterwards and on with a condom for some sex. I wandered about for a bit and found Isabelle getting on with a guy and got a bj off her whilst her fucked her. Break time again and back in the lounge to watch the pole dancer and have some drinks and refreshments.

Back to the action and i got involved with Monica and had sex with her. Done there and the party was winding down a little, i tried the sauna and hot tub out before getting a final shower and going on my way.

Overall it was a decent experience. Everyone at the party was very friendly and there was enough time so everyone could have a go. There was around 12 guys in attendance and it did get busy with there only being 3 or 4 girls going round at each time.

Also the girls are all very friendly but looks wise they're not stunning.

Vikki - mid 20's nice looking but quite a lot of sagging skin on her stomach and tits and her psoriasis was quite visible.
Isabelle - mid 30's good looking, nice curvy body.
Monica - best looking girl, fake tits with the best body.
Poll dancer - early 40's bit rough but nice body.

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