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Author Topic: Blondeyteenx -Birmingham Scam  (Read 914 times)

Offline Acer

Hi guys,

Has anybody met thus girl?


I emailed via AW and she asked me to contact her on a number. After a few exchanges she told me she is in Kidderminster :unknown:

Why would someone advertise as being available in Birmingham but do in calls in Kiddy? And also when I asked to speak she rejected my call yet phoned back on a blocked number!?!?

What is the game with these weirdos? I mean all I want is a simple rendezvous and be on my way!

Offline Steve2

 I mean all I want is a simple rendezvous and be on my way!

Unfortunately It's very rarely going to be that simple Acer

Offline westbank

Well if she's in Kidderminster I haven't seen her on my travels. Personally I'd steer well clear!

Offline sims1

I have visited her and she was in Kidderminster.
The house was ok - I have been in cleaner houses shall we say
If you like slim and petite ladies then this is not one for you
If you like dirty sex or as i call it a good fucking then she is worth a punt.

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