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Author Topic: Longest time you've frequented a WG. ? Reasons. ?  (Read 2257 times)

if i wanted a 45 year old i could pick one up in a partick pub for the price of 3 large voddies and cokes :blush:

An obligatory "large" being two 35ml measures in that neck of the woods of course.  :drinks:

Offline ickydicky

or a quarter gill as we old timers still call it :drinks:
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Offline auldie63

Yeah the English wimps and the weans can have the 25ml hauf, ye canna see it in the arse o' yer tumbler. Used to be even worse when certain English bastards served the old 1/6th of a gill.

Offline ickydicky

thats why we got so pished at wembley weekends. we were all drinking trebles. apart from the aulder guys. they were on quadruples, nae water :drinks: :wacko:
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Offline FrankieOh

Longest for me I think was Ronnie from Dunfermline & Glenrothes. Thinking back it was probably just over five years. Haven't heard from her since last summer. She was terrific.

Offline JLP

New member, long time lurker and punter.

Longest ? RaunchyGeri in Glasgow. God how I miss her ! Saw her over 4/5 years, always a pleasure, so enthusiastic and left me with many a smile..... Saw her once for a 3some with an English Lass
 calling herself Gia. Cost me an arm and a leg but itch was scratched and still remember Gia tickling my balls with feathers as I came shagging Geri in Missionary.....happy days.

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