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Author Topic: Lily Hart - Paddington  (Read 1319 times)

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Offline Alvin


There have been plenty of reviews but I thought whilst trying to catch up on my reviews worth doing so people can see if her services have dropped.

I saw Lily twice a couple of months apart so this will be a combination of the 2 meetings.

Each time comms were easy, contacted her to see if she was available for incalls and go the days and times I wanted.  On the first occassion she wanted a phone call when I got to the hotel where she gave me detailed instructions on how to get there, the 2nd time she was happy with a text.

Appearance as has been said before a young Jamie Lee Curtis.

After the shower had some kissing before she moved down for a BJ which after a while she swallowed.  Moved onto to me playing with her pussy an licking her clit, she seemed to like it after a while she decided it was time to return the favour.  After a while of having body licked and her sucking my cock she applied a condom and started to ride in cowgirl.  As I played with her nipples she asled for it rougher and rougher.  Moved onto doggy looking out the window at the traffic below whilst also playing with her bum until she decided that she wanted to swallow some more of my cum.

After a bit more playing and a bit of chat went for round 3, started with a BJ, moved onto cowgirl and then missionry then legs behind my neck until I came.

On the 2nd meeting was greated by we never got around to the role play shall we start with that, so once out of the shower started with that until I came with her riding me.  Had another pop after various positions and she then decided she wanted to make me cum a 3rd time as she wanted to swallow my cum, despite her best efforts it wasn't to be.  Ended up with a shared shower.

39 review(s) found for LilyHart linked to in above post (39 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Does she have an annoying loud American accent?

Offline Plato

No - she's cute and softly spoken.

Thanks. She's over my budget, so i'd have to skip 1 punt before I see her. Been on my plan b HL for ages. Should have seen her when she was charging less.

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