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Author Topic: Oriental sexy escort middlesbrough  (Read 1416 times)

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Decided to try some oriental delights. Yes shes on Vivastreet Middlesbrough so high risk of BS and disappointment occurring.

Booked her for 30 minutes £60.  Was texted her street. I got there at the appointed time (a mere 15 minutes later) and phoned her as requested.

She answered and told me she already had someone there and could I wait?  No apology and no indication for how long this wait would be.

I replied in the negative. Not that she will give a damn about losing my business.  She must have a stack em high and treat em with contempt policy with her customers.

I am just glad I hadnt travelled for a hour to meet this one.

Yeah its Vivastreet. They look good and its convienient. And are great ways to motivate you to give up punting.

Oriental - dodgy ( probably nicked ) photos - Middlesbrough - Vivastreet

All the warning signs you could ask for, really. At least you didn't have to travel far, I guess

Thanks for the heads up  :hi:

Offline bigbird83

Yeah thanks for the heads up. If the photos are accurate she is pretty stunning!

Offline Still-alive

Been a lot of new orientals on Teesside Viva Street lately, there was one in Thornaby called Yenyen, profile hardly lasted a week. I texted a few questions, got answers to them all except "are the pics really you?" Best avoid them, sounds even more scam that Romanians.
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Offline bigbird83

Such a shame. I would love to visit a girl that looked like her!

Yeah she certainly has tempting photos. Shame about the attitude.  But maybe someone here will have another go and report the results?

Offline iorishx

was actually thinking of her... Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to someone who visited her to report. Real pics?

hot looking chick ,  but viva  street  ??     more than likely a  B&S , I did try to google her image, but with no luck

Offline DDP1982

was gona go here tonight thanks for heads up

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