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Author Topic: Chinesefanfan - Leicester  (Read 777 times)

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While I was in Leicester I felt like a quick cheeky punt and was actually looking for the Tetuan rd girls but they've all disappeared so came across this one. Didn't have time to check up reviews or get feed back off ukp so thought I'd toftt.

Called got the details and off I went (and I made sure I was clear about extra charges which there was £10 for cim)

Got to the venue (it's on belvoir st near zizzi's) easy to acess and descrete.  Got into the flat and this is where it all went wrong.

1. Not the girl in the photo but actually prettier, must be a different girl all time so be       prepared for bait and switch
2. Not the girl I spoke to on the phone. This girl barely spoke English (I did call the number and got the madam to translate my needs)
3. Said she doesn't fk, no fingering and cim is £10

I decided to walk as I could see where this was going. I wouldn't be getting the service I wanted once the money had exchanged hands, she would start making excuses too big, no touching, it hurts and so forth

Unfortunately I wasn't willing to go through with it at the risk of wasting my money on rubbish service as all the signs were there so I'm giving this a negative
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1 review(s) found for chinesefanfan linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline leicesterdude

i was tempted by this,

but the verification picture is visible, and although facially not to dissimilar from the pictures, shes flat chested.

so i gave it a miss as they are probably lying about quite a lot of other stuff too!

but thanks for the review
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Offline token11

Was it the girl in the verification photo you met? I can't post the pic as im on my phone

No not the girl in the profile, but the girl I saw was a lot prettier and more Pettit good size breasts and curves. However, due to the lack of English and understanding didn't seem like it would be worth going through with the punt

Offline Iloveoral

I've been in the same situation many times, some I've walked from, some I later wish I had walked from haha

The verification photo looks like a different girl to me

Sorry to hear you had a bad one matey

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