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Author Topic: WG that allows anal fingering - Staines/Heathrow/Windsor area  (Read 704 times)

Offline DodeCode

I'm looking for a WG in the Heathrow / Staines / Windsor area that allows a punter to finger their arse while we 69 as, for me, it's quite the turn on and as close to A Levels I can get at the moment due to the heat playing funny fuckers with Little DodeCode.

Budget isn't huge, around the £110-120 per hour mark so realise this limits things somewhat.  I've got a couple days off this week and am in the mood for a punt and thought I would ask around here to some of the more seasoned than myself seeing as my ratio of Positive to Negative reviews could do with a bit of a boost (and figured this may be quicker than spending ages on the phone ringing around)


Offline Plan R


See my review.
I had quite a lot to do with her bum during my punt, but mostly with my tongue..
However I did freely play with her bum hole with my finger tips.
I didn't stick my finger in up to the knuckle or anything - just the tip.
But I got the 'feeling' that more would've been allowed had I persisted..

Made me curious now to find out - next time I see her!
Very sexy woman too  :hi:

Offline DodeCode

Thanks for the info man.  She is defo on my HL and it's interesting to see she at least allows some form of anal fingering considering she doesn't list Anal Play on her likes.  I'd be keen to see her face as well but with the limited number of pics, I'm not sure I'd subscribe to her PG.

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