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Author Topic: Hot_Amanda23 (Claudia)  (Read 1044 times)

13 review(s) for sweet_viki26 (6 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/1945902 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot%5FAmanda23

Well, I've been punting around three years and generally use this forum as a guide only to get my end away with decent WG's, just recently noticed that Hot_Amanda23 (Claudia) has been receiving some praise and recognition from recognised punters so decided to pay a visit.

Oh and especially at the going rate which is pretty cheap, but I knew what to expect from previous reviews and I can confirm she has moved from Hyson Green as now resides in New Basford, alright in the day but you could expect drive shrapnel at night - be wary.

Now the only reason I've decided to leave my first review is because this SP is wonderfully shit at communication and managing her diary for meetings and other punters need to be made aware and absolutely sure because they may get the same bloody fiasco as me and be travelling further.

See below:

Saturday 30th July I send a text at 9am asking if 12noon is convenient for 1 hr meeting - replied yes. Get to Radford Road at 11.40am and send text to say I'm about to park up and ask for house number as I already knew the street and I'll arrive at 12noon.

Replies by text - you need to come at 12.30 my landlord here (no doubt he was getting a free service!!), well this started alarm bells ringing straight away (she must have known he / she was coming earlier), I text we arranged 12noon, she then texts back ok come at 12.15pm. So I wait a while longer and text her again for the house number whilst walking down the street to the house, waited around looking like a bloody drug pusher with phone in my hand for a text only to be informed I now need to wait until 13.15pm - WTF!!(no doubt the landlord was struggling to pop one out!)

Absolute joke, especially travelling a 40 mile round trip and never got to her front door, nemind the bloody bedroom. This is the worst customer service I have known (EE girls are renowned and I should have known better!)

Now ok it might sound harsh reading this but FFS if we arrange a time the WG needs to make 100% commitment that she can meet with the arrangement. Now I did take a gamble with this WG and obviously it did not pay off, I should have known with some of the previous reviews from AW as there are negative reports very similar.

Also please be mindful this WG does all communication by text (infuriating to say the least) and her English text / vocabulary is very poor, she will not answer her phone and text messages are short and in some cases on three or four words long.

So to summarise for any punters who may have Hot_Amanda23 (Claudia) on there HL, be very careful and mindful from my review as I honestly believe this will not be the last time of happening.

Shame really because I really wanted this meeting.

Review sure to raise some eyebrows but better to be honest and save another punter the same hassle.


13 review(s) found for sweet_viki26 linked to in above post (6 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Thanks for the review - quite within the site rules, if she confirms appointment and then cancels it can be a negative.  Indeed I have just posted a negative for another girl on exactly that basis.

I assume when told 13.15 you decided you had had enough and walked?  Which is quite reasonable.

I have never actually punted with this one but I did call her once to arrange a meeting and she answered the phone and spoke very reasonable English.  I then cancelled because I had not realised what the area was like and I was in a suit late in the evening and did not fancy he risk.  I called her to cancel and she again answered and we had a reasonable conversation, she even managed to stay civil when I made up an excuse to cancel!!

Therefore whilst not excusing her messing you around at all (I have had enough of that myself - and yes that is ironic as I messed her around) I would just say that the comms were much better with me than they were with you.

Pity the punt Didn't  happen Really want a second opinon on this girl because I am thinking of a meeting with her.

Offline RedKettle

Pity the punt Didn't  happen Really want a second opinon on this girl because I am thinking of a meeting with her.

there are 9 reviews linked above!!!!

In all fairness I've checked out the previous reviews now and it appears I had a bloody lucky escape, especially the smelly (quite) pussy business, FM I've let myself down not seeing that one.

All right and ok the smelly pussy is from 2014 but is it still worth the gamble, I think not.

I'm oral by day and oral by night but the ham cob needs to be clean and lush!!! or else its a complete waste of money for me.

Is really strange reviews on this girl.. One post is positive and one negative  :scare:

That's an old excuse, it means they have somebody coming who pays more or she's slotted somebody in before you !!

Offline Iloveoral

Ive read reviews and spoken to people who have met her, not been able to catch her myself though I did call 2-3 weeks back but her phone was off, he prices are cheap and from what I've heard her services are good when you get her, it's reported she isn't the prettiest girl but not ugly? If she's doing anal for £50/ 30 mins I'd have a bash

Thanks for the review, sorry you had a mess around matey, if I ever manage to get hold of her I'll report back

Just to be clear it's the same polish girl that used to be near Carrington/Sherwood way right? Had fake profile pics that looked like an Asian girl?
« Last Edit: August 03, 2016, 01:05:23 AM by Iloveoral »

Offline Steely Dan

She used to be in Forest Fields.  Had a pic that was very misleading.  Might have been her when she was 20 and now she is 35-ish. Or might have been a different girl - either way misleading pic. Yes, she is not ugly, but not beautiful.

Re the picture I wrote in my review
As others have noted Claudia is not the girl in the first profile picture; She freely ackowledges this.  When asked she said its because it's always been there and many of her regulars know her profile by it. The other pictures, without her face, are her. Not sure why she does this, I suspect its a diversionary smoke screen.
I think given that her new profile has only one (useless) picture she's quite keen not to be identified.

Regarding looks I think she's ok and would scrub up well. Her problem is she does not scrub up, and as some reviews suggest she can even let her self go. If only she'd at least always have nice tidy hair.

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