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Author Topic: Independents or agencies on the quayside?  (Read 514 times)

Hello gents

I just registered with UKP a few days ago. I'm brand spanking new to this whole world and i'm going to ask for the advice i need in the general discussion. But to get started i was wondering if you guys in the know could give me an idea of the general punting scene in Newcastle.

I discovered UKP when i walked past Secret Massage by the Gate a couple of weeks ago and looked it up online. I had no idea there were places that looked like they belonged in Soho in the middle of town, or sites like UKP and AW. I've also walked past Be Health and Lavenders a thousand times without thinking twice. The whole world of escorting wasn't even on my radar a couple of weeks ago, but now it defo is.

So i was wondering if you gents could give me a lay of the land and help me find my feet? I've done a search on Adult Work (thats the only independent site i think i'll be bothering with, thoughts?) and i've gone through a handful of the agencies galleries, but when reading your reviews i keep noting references to specific areas everyone seems familiar with. A lot of girls i first noticed have photos with the quayside in the background, but i hear things move about quite quickly. 

Basically i think i'll only be doing incalls in the Newcastle and Gateshead quayside, city centre, or Jesmond and Heaton areas. Maaaybe Whitley Bay and Tynemouth also. So bearing in mind those restrictions can anyone point me toward the agencies and independents i should be looking at? And give me an idea where independents/agencies (Premium? Amour? Allure?) represent themselves? Do any specialise in in-call/outcall?

Offline daviemac

Not quite sure what you're asking here, all the agencies state roughly where the girls are located and if they do in or outcalls and will tell you a bit more about location if you ask.

Same with AW, all profiles state the same.

You can search on AW for the type of prossie you would want to see, (age size services offered etc) and by location (within xx miles of the first part of your postcode).

Just pick who you'd fancy seeing then look for reviews on here, take AW feedback with a massive pinch of salt though.    :hi:
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Offline daviemac

Forgot to mention the punting wiki at the bottom of the page, loads of info in there.


Thanks Dave. I realise i was a bit long winded and vague there.

U've reas through most of the ukp wiki a fourtnight ago. I'm pretty much not going to bother with AW reviews, just going to use UKP as my go to source.

What i was really asking was for an idea of the general punting scene. So if i limited myself to incalls to city centre, and the Quayside would people in the know think "you want to focus on premium and Allure then" for example?

Also for a very first punt would people recomend a specific girl? Agency or independent? Or massage? - I've also been meaning to ask; i have genuine need of a massage and i went into a place on pink lane a few weeks ago (this was before i was even thinking about punting). One of the women in there i thought was VERY pretty and friendly. Their prices are around £30 for genuine massage, but (long shot) i was wondering if anyone had ever went further?

Cheers big ears.

Offline Michael48

There are at least 3 massage establishments on Pink Lane, some are legit some may offer extras. Might get more info if you give the name of the place.

I think the place i was in was totally legit. Phuket Island.

I'd sure like to phuk there though. HIYOOOO.

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