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Offline playboy80


I haven't punted for about 10 years and decided recently to come back and sample the scene yet again but I'm very picky and because I work hard for my money I won't just blow it on any WG that's available so after 2 months of researching certain reviews on women on my HL via AW I decided to take a gamble on this lady who is barely reviewed etc anywhere.

Comms were excellent and everything was organised swiftly and smoothly, opted for a 30 minute Punt for £80 (Although it was more like 70-75 min as we talked after doing the deed over morning coffee in her kitchen).

The Incall was at her house, council estate but it was quiet, on-street parking and her house was immaculate and very well furnished.

Knocked at the door and she answered very quickly and greeted me with a lovely smile and polite welcome dressed in a silk robe.
Straight upstairs her robe came off and she revealed some quality lingerie and wow what an absolute cracker of a body to go with such an attractive face and I knew then this punt was going to be a fun one!!

Long prolonged DFK followed with lots of touchy feely going on a proper GFE and you could nataurally tell she enjoyed this line of work, I dropped both her amazing nice sized boobs out and had a good tweet and lick while I slipped my finger inside her panties to see how she would respond by flicking her bean for her and this seemed to get her going.
I've got to say I was surprised by how tight she was, I mean I'm VVWE and have done various Porn work with some well known female Porn models so have had my share of quality pussy but this pussy she had was tight as in tight, struggled a bit to start with to get 2 fingers up her until she became wetter and wetter.
Fingering and DFK stopped as she took my cock out and her eyes nearly popped out her head as I could tell she wasn't expecting a big boy to drop out lol but she gave an exceptional BJ until I told her to spin round and come to sit on my face so we could 69 including managing to get a finger in her ass too.
By this point her pussy must of been throbbing for it as she was very very wet so she covered my old boy up apologising in the process because the rubber was too small and only went half way down my shaft but I didn't mind as I thought to myself either way as I knew I was on track to absolutely ruining her as I have 10 yrs of punting to catch up on ha ha.
Covered up ready to go and she took charge and straddled on me, perfect fuck to be honest as I'm not into rough fast sex etc so the way she was riding me it was perfect, she couldn't take it all but managed to most in her so that was good enough for me, flipped her over then and had her legs bent right over her head till her toes were touching the head board this is were it was my turn to show you what I could do!
Gave her a right seeing to in this position and this is when she become very vocal and responsive and it was genuine.
Finished off in doggy where she blew her load all over my cock at this point I wondered what was going off as suddenly she gushed when she cum on my cock and there was that much of a mess I had to stop and ask if she had pissed herself which she cracked up laughing at and we were both in stitches, my turn next and still kept her in doggy it wasn't long till I filled the bag.
Back dressed, went down to sit in her kitchen had a fag and she made me a coffee and we just chatted in general as she has a cracking personality and sense of humour aswell as a stunning body and face.
Left about 7am as she had a modelling shoot mid morning in Birmingham but I'll be going back next week! I'm quite chuffed I've made this fine discovery  :yahoo:
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Offline Turtle Z

Fuck me, she looks scary...

But thanks for that amazing review of yourself!  :hi:

Offline GolfNut

Thanks for your first and most interesting review  :thumbsup:

Quite an unusual profile. Been around for over 8 months and only 2 AW reviews. Maybe she's been dormant since November??

£80 for 70-75 minutes! Sounds like she enjoyed it so much perhaps you should have been charging her??

Look forward to your next review.

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Offline playboy80

I asked her regarding why she hasn't much feedback etc and she informed me that she tells punters that she's not fussed about all the feedback stuff so if they leave her some or not she's not bothered either way.
Think she gets most of her work though via the agency she works for and apparently has recently taken over and is now running.
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Offline playboy80

Cracking fuck though which is main thing that's what we pay the good money for to these girls all about getting your monies worth, to many of the WG in my area on AW are short changing the punter which is obvious after reading some horror stories on varies forums.
Too many cunts on that aw site ripping the genuine punter off
I'm undecided about tomorrow's punt I'm torn between Riley-Lee and a MILF called Lisaofleicester until I've done some more research regarding them.


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Great review.  I see you enjoyed your punt so much you are already lining your next one up. :thumbsup:

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