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Author Topic: Does any body remember Rosa's Tantric Massage in Gloucester Place near Baker st  (Read 923 times)

Offline phil77


I used to visit a town house in Gloucester place, near Baker Street, run by an older Italian Lady called Rosa. There were 4-5 luxury rooms and a number of beautiful girls providing services. It was 3-4 years ago , but I was wondering if any one knows what happened to her or if she is still in business somewhere.

I also went to a party there once which is an amazing story.

If you know anything please get in touch.

Thanks :unknown:


Sorry mate, only bad news from me but I'm familiar with the grey door of Gloucester Place!

I used to frequent the same place too, run by the sexy redhead Rosa and Jon her husband. Must've seen around a dozen girls altogether over the year or so I went there. There was 1 girl I saw maybe 4 or 5 times there, blonde Brazilian girl called Evelina who had some sexy freckles, puffy nipples and fucked like her life depended on it. I thought the routine of tantric massage before full service was great and nice touches with the fluffy towels, bottles of water and calming music played everywhere.

What set these girls apart is that they were all trained by Rosa to give a top service and she always used to ask how they were after, wanting to get some feedback. The light blowing in the ear with the CC swipes was a turn on for me. I almost got Rosa upstairs once after I couldn't decide on a girl from line-up, but Jon wasn't having any of it :thumbsdown:

In hindsight, £160 for the hour was a lot for a blind punt, but after the initial good experiences I had, I kept going back. The rotation of girls and the fact that more and more were coming fresh off the boat meant I never really had a bad experience, some perhaps forgettable but never bad. The discreetness was good, moving from room to room and I only ever caught one sight of a Bruce Forsyth looking fella. Not you is it :cool: ?

I envy you as I wish I went to a party there! Please do tell, as I remember almost every room in that place and could probably visualise the whole thing. Especially the top floor with the stupidly steep staircase. I once caught one of the girls on it as her heel broke, thankfully she was petite. I think her name was Meite or something like that, small Spanish thing. Anyway, she loved my chivalrous act, we skipped the massage and she rode me so well she made me cum in a matter of minutes which was almost impossible for me. We then fucked in the bath-cum-shower on that top floor for most of the hour. I've got some great memories of that place!

Like you, I'd love to know if they've set up shop somewhere else but unfortunately I have no idea. Let's hope someone comes along with some good news.


Offline phil77

yes Rosa's parties were awesome.

I don't think she did more that a few. She had a property previous to the one in Gloucester Place - it has a huge basement and i helped her organise an orgy one night with around 6 of here girls. Sadly I have lost contact with her and suspect something may have happened with PC Plod. It may be a while before we see a similar provider - but damn her girls were hot, and yes I agree, Rosa taught them all how to fuck well. If any body has previous phone number for Rosa please email by pvt message.

I miss this place and wish there was an equivalent.

Offline stampjones

I remember it too - its just around the corner from my work so i used to pop in for a bit of afternoon delight. Some really stunning girls there and all gave a good service. Visited her previous place too. Would defo go see her if she was still around

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