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Author Topic: Punt With No Phone...  (Read 1601 times)

Offline Marmalade

All very Wizard of Oz don't you think?

Scarecrow Troll needs a brain, Tinsel Town Tart is missing a heart, and a Cowardly Alias wants courage. Now Poorman Punter needs a phone.

What puzzles me is that he manages to fuck prostitutes but can also sit around twiddling his thumbs asking about how to do without phones instead of just buying one.

Hey -- Don't forget to buy some condoms on the way back from Tesco's. They come in packets of three.  (Uh oh... I feel a new thread coming on....  :D

Quote from: Helpless Harry
"Help please... I really want to punt but only have enough money to do it once. I need to take a condom in case Miss Princess-le-slagbag has run out; but they just seem to come in packs of three. Can anyone tell me where I can buy one condom please? I'm new here and really want your thought on this guys."

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Offline LL

He'll be asking whether her needs to bring his own lube along next. "Is there a risk of my cock catching fire during sex without it?"

Offline ickydicky

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Offline paul_b_1977

Walk up
Call them with a pay phone and get lucky with timing

Those are your only two options really. I don't think most WGs are keen on messages by homing pigeons

Offline E.L. Wisty

The best way of punting without a phone is to visit a massage parlour and pick whichever girl that's available there takes your fancy.

That is my two pence worth on this. :hi:
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