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Author Topic: mjmj zhang Grays also Tours  (Read 579 times)

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Offline fatboy

https://www.adultwork.com/3145929 or https://www.adultwork.com/mjmj+zhang

Saw this WG some weeks ago, not a 'planned' punt - more spur of the moment , fancied trying a Thai/Oriental and this lady was the first to answer her phone.

Comms not good, said she would text postcode did not and I had to ring again.
Got to Grays, postcode was the Ibis Hotel which had signs in carpark about registering vehicle reg.
Rang to confirm that the address was the Ibis and queried registering reg. no. only to be told 'me no drivee' or similar.
Should have left then but did not. Parked in side street quarter of a mile away, walked back and got room number.
Fortunately in external block on ground floor.

Door opened by a quiet girl, not very pretty who then spoke to someone else on her phone in her language..
I guess this was the person I had spoken to on the phone.

I don't think the WG is the one in the photos.
She then asked how long I wanted in broken English, reading from a small notebook which had Chinese/Japanese writing.
Clothes off, lots of wiping down with and spraying with some form of anti bacterial spray.
Poor OW, no fingers, RO or DFK. Pecks on lips etc.
Onto sex which was mish only and I was quite bored after 5 minutes,  at one point she indicated that I speed up (presumably to come)
I but thought sod it, I'll go at my pace.
Then rolled her off and tried to explain that she could get on top but that was not allowed either.
I then lost the urge etc. and ended up with her and me bringing me off.
Thankfully only 30 minutes.

More wipes and spray all round and then before leaving I asked if I could wash my hands.
There in the bathroom was the icing on this particularly unpleasant cake - a large tube of Canesten, opened......argh !

This girl is now in Coventry, best of luck chaps !  :scare:

Postscript : I am pleased to say that daily washing of the FB member with Keyes fluid and bleach has prevented the thrush songbirds from inhabiting my bush. Knob end  is a strange purple colour though.

2 review(s) found for mjmj zhang linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Mjmj zhang used the brothel in Arthur St until it got raided some time last month. Along with:


Plus two others that have now removed their profile. Koko Fu was one of them. Saw her in the Ibis before she started to use the brothel. And must say koko fu was a bloody good shag! Hoped to see her in the brothel, but saw mjmj zhang instead. Not so good. Never returned. Can't now anyway!

Offline fatboy

Thanks DD, I think she was my worst punt ever, like shagging an automaton ( not that I have yet).
My instinct told me not to do it, my cock however told me otherwise, should have listened to the wise words on UKP.
Cheers, FB.

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