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Author Topic: Not as described  (Read 346 times)

Went to visit this gorgeous Spanish beauty this morning. FFS she is about a size 16 and was in the room with another fat senierita. I had the money in my hand when I walked in the room. She grabbed it .... Do you French kiss like you confirmed by text ---- NO ! £20 extra !!
Ok I will have my money back please as you are fat and don't offer all services .
You not have none of money back mister!

At this point I was getting slightly worried in case her accomplice was calling back up , so I said "oh fuck it ,I'm off"
At this she dropped her guard and my money came into view in her hand ,
She opened the door and as I left I grabbed my money and beat a hasty retreat,
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Offline Steely Dan

Suggest you cut and paste this into a review. (With the escorts name and location in subject). 

Thanks for posting this helps other punters.

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