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Author Topic: Anyone seen fabfaye before?  (Read 398 times)


Anyone seen fabfaye? https://www.adultwork.com/2587952

Has bid on a RB. This is a longer booking and my first punt in a while. Don't get to London much anymore so any help is appreciated.


Offline Spunky34

Fixed your link for you:  https://www.adultwork.com/2587952

I met her years ago when she had a profile called 'funfaye'.  It was for an overnight booking and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with an escort.

She turned up and said she wasn't feeling very well (said she was coming off the back of a cold or something), which was later used as a bit of an excuse.  We went out for dinner, and she came across badly - she made some comments about her personal life (which I won't repeat here) which made me think she was a fairly unpleasant person, really quite arrogant.  We almost got into a row about nothing, and early on she said she didn't really want anything to eat because she was feeling poorly, which kind of took away the point of going to dinner.

We went back to my place and in the evening we didn't have sex - she gave me a half hearted hand job, finishing over her tits (I have huge doubts whether her likes list is accurate) and immediately ran off to clean up, then it was clear that we were now going to go to sleep instantly (not feeling well, remember), so no further fun to be had.  In the morning we both woke up, I was hard so she perfunctorily bounced on my cock for about a minute before she said in a very accusatory tone 'you don't seem to be enjoying this', leaping off and then giving me a fairly angry hand job, again finishing over her tits.  After that she sodded off straight away, in spite of the fact that I had actually booked her for the whole morning (I am not a morning person so on the very rare occasions I do an overnight I always want lots of time the following day).

Basically, it was a totally shit time and a huge waste of money (if only I had known about UKP, and taken its advice about overnights with people you don't know).  I know that in this business you get on with some people better than others, but in 6 years of using AW, she is in my top 3 for just seeming like an unpleasant person.  If she wasn't feeling well, she should just have cancelled.  Yes, I would have been pissed off, but at least I wouldn't have been pissed off and out of pocket.  She still bids on my reverse bookings now, which I find hilarious - shows she doesn't remember me at all.

You can probably tell I'm not a fan.  The one thing I will say in her favour is that she uses accurate pictures (or was doing when I met her - the photos on the profile now are definitely the same girl).  My advice would be to avoid her.
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Thanks for fixing the link and for the feedback. Will scratch her off the list

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