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Author Topic: My introduction  (Read 1029 times)

Offline bigbird83

Hey, new member here and also a fairly new punter. I just wanted to introduce myself and give a little background as to how I ended up here :)

This is post is probably going to turn out to be quite long and boring, which I apologise for in advance. I've never had the opportunity to tell anyone about this side of my life before, so feels like a good opportunity to spill the beans and maybe some of you guys can relate to the experiences I've had.

So far I've seen 5 different girls over the past 5 years and my experiences have been pretty mixed. I originally found out about AW via some channel 4 documentary. Until then I thought the only way to find a girl was to pick one up off the street or find a number in a phone box, both of which seemed too risky.

So I looked up the girls in my town, which there were only a handful of at the time and organised a 2 hour in-call to my home (probably the biggest mistake i've made up to now) The girl turned out to be easily 10 years older than her profile photos and she was definitely a few pounds heavier but I hadn't been laid in a while and overall the experience wasn't too bad.

She must have known I was a mug as she contacted me to organise another punt within a few days, I agreed and she came round for a second visit. This time she brought her driver to the door for a tour of my place! I was absolutely shocked, I had no idea what was going to happen next, was the driver going to stay? Was he sizing the place up to rob? Fortunately he wasn't actually that interested and left. This was only the start as the punt never went anything like the first time. She then spent easily over an hour and a half (of the 2 hours booked) chatting before we got down to business, which made the whole event feel really rushed and awkward. After the booking I vowed never to see her again. Although she contacted me many times afterwards even suggesting she would come round "off the clock" to watch a movie and chat. She eventually gave up but not after trying to add me on facebook! I presumed because I had resorted to ignoring her messages. After this experience I learnt that in-calls and giving them your real information maybe isn't such a good idea.  :lol:

It was maybe a year until I decided to give things another go, this time deciding to do an outcall instead. I had worked myself into some kind of fever and I was finding myself spending hours a day researching girls but not having the bottle to contact them. Then one evening probably close to 9pm something came over me and I just needed to see a girl that night! I text my top choice and asked if I could book 2 hours. She text back maybe 20 minutes later and said its a little bit late and asked if I could call her. I did and she asked me a few questions and then text me her address saying that I needed to park off the street and let her know when I arrived. I did this and she text back to tell me I now needed to walk up the alley behind the houses. It was probably about 10:30pm although it might have been later. The streets were empty and the alley I was supposed to walk down was pitch black. I couldn't see anything as I tentatively walked down, I was absolutely shitting myself but then I heard a whispered female voice calling me over. She then grabbed my hand and lead me through the back door into her house. This girl was absolutely stunning, I think she was about 20 years old, long dark hair and perfect body and face. I have never had sex with someone this beautiful before or after! I was nervous as hell but she was really nice with me, she lead me straight upstairs and took charge of the situation. After giving each other some oral. She leant against the bedroom wall and asked me to take her from behind, I'll never forget how good that felt or looked! After a few more positions she then told me to lay on the bedroom floor, where she proceeded to squat over me and bounce up and down on my dick. Again this is something I'll never forget, it was so good I couldn't hold back any longer and let myself cum. I still had an hour left after this. We ended up going downstairs and chatting, she asked if I wanted to smoke a joint with her and I accepted. (which turned out to be a stupid idea cos I then ended up driving home stoned)
Although there was no round two this has probably been the best punt I've done to date. I still wish I had gone back to see her again but for some reason I felt a bit shameful afterwards and deleted her number, then I couldn't find her on AW again.

The third girl I found on AW was advertising herself as a tantric expert which sounded quite exciting but turned out to be a bit disappointing as there was no actual sex involved but instead lots of touching and cuddling and ended with a hand job. It wasn't bad but I was expecting so much more :(

It didn't take me long to pick a fourth girl. I again booked 2 hours and turned up at her address which turned out to be about 20 meters from a primary school. I felt incredibly dodgy as I walked past dozens of parents and school kids walking the towards me as I headed to the door which was inevitably the one at the end of the road closest to the school gate. She whisked me in and upstairs, she was average looking and was wearing no makeup, she had a nice figure but her main asset was her massive boobs, definitely the largest natural boobs i've ever had the pleasure to handle but otherwise the experience was pretty boring. She pretty much laid back and did nothing. I had to ask her to change positions and when I asked her to go on top she said she couldn't because the mattress was too soft! I asked to at least try and she got on top, didn't move said no this isn't going to work and got back off again, whilst saying something about getting a new mattress. At this point the excitement had gone so I put her on her back again and finished the job. Afterwards there was still well over an hour left on the clock. I took a shower and she asked if I wanted a brew, stupidly I said yes and sat in the kitchen with her awkwardly with nothing to say. I walked out feeling I had wasted my time and wondering if I would ever get the experience I had with the second girl again.

After that experience I took another break before trying again, this time I focused on finding someone more highly reviewed. Unfortunately I was looking at AW reviews not yet knowing about this site :lol: Not much to say about this girl, she was young in her early 20s but had already had a boob job and her lips done. I had a decent experience with her and things went smoothly.

My fifth and final girl was fairly recent and hopefully I can put together a review of her as the experience was far from great. Once again I had booked two hours. I text her to let her know I had arrived, she text back to say she had ran out of condoms and asked if I would be able to pop to the shop and pick some up and that it was her birthday. Immediately I knew this wasn't a good sign so I text her back to say I would be happy with just a BJ and make the booking just an hour. She was a nice girl but extremely underweight, and the punt was 30 minutes light back massage where she spent the whole time talking about how she used to be a hairdresser then about 15 minutes of average BJ. Leaving a little bit more relaxed but still not fulfilled as I would have liked.

Anyway i'm really pleased to have found this site and you guys, hopefully the reviews on here will lead me to some girls who can actually give me what I'm looking for and take the guess work out of the whole situation. AW was a revelation when I found it but its far from perfect. UKP will hopefully complete the package lead me further into this world :)
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Offline cueball

Hell fire, that's some first post, mine was much much shorter than that  :D

Welcome to ukp anyway

Offline Buttons

Review the girls if they are still active......welcome by the way..... :hi:

Welcome to UK Punting

A long introduction but you missed out where you stand on the big issue

Blokes with tits or chicks with disks?

Offline bigbird83

Thanks for the warm welcome :-) Only the last girl seems to be active and i'll definitely put a proper review together of her.

Didn't know about this age old question I must have missed it? but definitely chicks with dicks, as long as he/she's has a hot body I could probably have a good time still but nothing could turn me off more than a masculine body. They were talking about this girl on the north east forum. :vomit:


Of course each to their own and certainly nothing wrong with it :)
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Offline pking_paul

Welcome. Read it all and can imagine where you are coming from. Good thing about being on here is being able to talk about it with other punters, and to say it like it is. Don't let the odd shark or two put you off eh?

Offline bigbird83

I've learnt a ton already! I don't think i'll be booking anymore 2 hour sessions until I find someone actually worth it. I also realise I need to get myself a burner phone and stop giving these girls my real information. I'll definitely be going with the girls recommended by other UKP in my area and looking forward to some good times :cool:

Offline pking_paul

Punting phone is one of the top rules here!!! Get one soon!!  :hi:

Offline stevedave

I'm not gonna lie, I gave up halfway through. Much like you should have done with that first lass you saw!

There's no great need for a grandiose introduction on here, none of us really care that much, but join in, contribute, and all will be well. Welcome  :thumbsup:

Offline socks

My advice would be that you have confused incalls and outcalls. Outcalls are when they come to you mate!


One of the first things I learned is that you don't really need to book long, two hour sessions - unless you happen to like cups of tea, lots of chat about your holidays and a bit of massage.

I only ever book for an hour now, and frequently less.

Offline ickydicky

the time you book should depend on how often you can pop. i cant manage 2 pops in a hh so i like the cheapo 15mins 1 pop with the occasion treat of an hour when i can manage 2 pops. any longer would be a waste of money. so think about how you pop and book the time to suit that. :thumbsup:
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Offline RedKettle

Welcome to the site - I will confess the post was too long for me.  But always good to see a newbie.

Welcome to UK punting.  Did not read all your post as it was a little long, but hope this site is some use to you for your future punts.

Hell fire, that's some first post, mine was much much shorter than that  :D

Welcome to ukp anyway
hell, can you pad that reply out a bit, cueball     :yahoo:

Offline snowbum

Welcome and enjoyed reading your post.

My recommendation is 30 mins for first meet.

It gives you an opportunity to assess, saves lots of time wasting and may be able to extend if she is any good

Offline paul_b_1977

With all of that, I'm disappointed you haven't provided a LinkedIn or Facebook profile

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