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Author Topic: Anita Sexyyy69 Fulham, cute but time cut short  (Read 915 times)

14 review(s) for JULIA_xxx69 (9 positive, 0 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline drwho


Thanks for the preceeding reviews on here. I had a reasonable time for the money but with reservations.

Spoke on phone and texted updates.
She agreed to my request to wear a leather skirt.

Well to do terrace off Munster road.
She doesn't like you knocking on the door but didn't warn me not to do this after texting the door number when I arrived.

Acceptable shower over bath.
As others have hinted she showed signs of deliberate timewasting throughout the punt.
At the start this was teasing and cute.
She is short on stature, young (20 yr old seems honest) pretty facially and sexy and slim.

I was specific to confirm at the start I wouldn't be limited to Cum once, as I had a feeling I wouldn't last long first time round.
Undressed to her undies and teased a bit. Enough kissing to relieve my frustrations, but would have liked a bit more. Managed to pick her up and held her while failing for the full on snog, but still fun to do this with a young good looking girl.

Got her fully undressed and on the bed. Allowed some RO for a limited time, and a few seconds of fingering before moving me away.
OWO was good enough for me, but I don't tend to dwell on this too much. Got a bit toothy when she tried to go deep.

Condom on, then first she climbed on top and rode me nicely.
Switched to mish which felt good.
A bit of light kissing allowed while in mish.
Came by the 15 min point.

Unfortunately that was it. Despite what she'd said earlier about not being limited to 1 cum, that was all I got.
When I gently tried to encourage a bit of intimacy, she got up and got dressed. She put on a pair of tight jeans that showed her legs and arse off very nicely. She probably didn't realise how much of a treat her jeans were for me. Teens in tight jeans is one of my favorite street looks. At least I could enjoy having a feel of her arse through her jeans.
She went out the room for a minute or two then returned and proceeded to change clothes again, this time changing into a tight red mini dress.
She'd been repeatedly telling me how "busy" she was. (busy changing her clothes evidently)

I attempted to string her along with a bit of small talk as I prepared to leave.
The knock on the door came at the 25 min mark, but she'd seperated herself from me since the 15 min point.

Good while it lasted but too much of a timewaster to bother returning.

Glad I 'only' paid £50 for 30 mins.
Saw the next punter as I unlocked my bike outside.

14 review(s) found for JULIA_xxx69 linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline pumps

you sure do get about on that bike mate lol!

possibly this review should of been a neutral? if she didn't give you any lovin' for those remaining 15mins?

Offline punther

This is where being assertive becomes necessary

At the 15min mark when you came and it was clear she was not going to give any more services even though she had agreed to a multi-pop service you should have asked for £10 back and told her you are happy to leave

If she refused to give the £10 back then you should have told her to come over and begin some OWO

Everytime I read about someone who wanted a multi pop service and didnt get it, who 'hinted' they would like to start round two I always think why are you hinting?!?

You don't need to 'hint' ,  she's not doing you a favour, you have agreed upon and paid for a service so you shouldnt be shy to explicitly request the beginning of round 2

Not having a go at you by the way, its just my general view on the situation

Agree with pumps this should have been a neutral and maybe even a negative..

Offline drwho

Good points both Pumps and Punther.
I thought of giving a Neutral as the 2nd half was so downbeat, but she's friendly and cute and part 1 was good enough IMO to warrent +ve.

I've never ever asked for money back as I figure the ensuing catfight would leave me with a lingering bad memory of the meet, but I take your point on being more assertive.

I did wonder if she actually understood my question at the start when I asked for more than 1 cum.

Might actually work out best as a 15 min pump and dump

Offline punther

I did wonder if she actually understood my question at the start when I asked for more than 1 cum.

Likely she did fully understand but choose to stitch you up.

Might actually work out best as a 15 min pump and dump

Another punter now seeing the light   :hi:  :D

Reading through a lot of reviews a lot of punts (with Romanians in particular) that get graded as negative I learnt over time would be positive if the punter opted for the 15min option instead of 30min or longer

Your punt with Anita is a perfect example. If you had paid for 15min and had left at that stage you probably wouldn't have a bad word to say about her...the extra 15mins just allowed the negative stuff that wouldnt have come to light otherwise unravel

I remember the punt I had with Gorgeous Adelle in Canary Wharf. If I had only booked 15mins it would have been a positive for me and its likely I would have had several return bookings with her but instead I booked 30mins and she fucked me over around the 10-15min mark if I remember correctly when she decided the extra 15min I had paid for no longer existed  :sarcastic:

Offline pumps

ahh prossies....such a fucking headache, if only they did the things they advertised/agreed too  :sarcastic:

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