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Author Topic: Mikayla from Woolwich  (Read 1742 times)

10 review(s) for Nataslia (8 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Yes, hot weather makes me horny! But like many of us i have to rely on public transport. And using it during the heatwave is not the nicest thing. So i decided to punt in my local area, i just didn't fancy long journeys across London.

I spotted Mikayla months ago, she has here 3 positive and 2 neutral reviews so far. I read them all and i chose to book her.


Communication was very good, Mikayla is independent so when you call or text - you do it with her. We exchanged a few text messages and i got her post code. The next day i took a double-decker and within a few minutes i was in Woolwich. Not bad! Then i sent her another text message and i got full address. She lives in a small flat, that road is not very busy. But be careful - neighbours may be around sitting on the stairs and smoking or playing with children. Her bedroom is big (and dark - but it didn't bother or put me off), bathroom is not the best however shower, hot water, clean towel and toiletries are there waiting for you.

Mikayla states on her AW profile she is 30 and i would say it is her true age. She is about 1,65m tall blonde with blue eyes. Her size is 8-10. She had a nice black dress on and - it was my request - black crotchless pantyhose  :wacko: Well i have to say stockings or hold ups don't turn me on anymore in these days. But sexy pantyhose - oh boy! It's my thing now!

I took a quick shower and we were ready for action. She is a very good kisser, plenty of FK, touching and cuddling. While she was rubbing her pantyhosed bum against my bare cock (fuck me i was boiling, such a massive turn on it was!) i was kissing her neck and playing with her hair. I was also enjoying with touching her pantyhosed legs and kissing her small and sexy feet. She also did a foot job and i loved it! Then i went down on her - her personal hygiene was spotless (she smelt nice and fresh, i think she took a shower because her hair was still a bit wet), i was licking, stroking and fingering her shaved pussy. OWO was good, she put a rubber on and it was a time for protected sex. We did a missionary, i couldn't hold my horses for a long time (yes, this sexy crotchless pantyhose!) and i came in her pussy...

Mikayla is a very friendly and chatty girl. We still had more than half an hour so we talked about many things and i was getting ready for more fun. And again - plenty of FK, touching and cuddling. She wanted me to take her from behind. Doggy was epic - i just grabbed her pantyhosed bum ("nice shape a$$" - The_Don), poked her like crazy till i shot my load! Sweat was dripping from my forehead!

She smoked when we had a break however it was an e-cigarette. But when i was kissing her her breath was very fresh, i wouldn't tell she smokes. Also she doesn't watch the clock or waste your punting time.

I paid 100GBP/hour.

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10 review(s) found for Nataslia linked to in above post (8 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

I saw her one month ago, I walked because for me she has ugly face.

I saw her one month ago, I walked because for me she has ugly face.

Well she has ugly face for you but not for me. They say beauty is not everything - good attitude and services are also very important in this business.

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Thanks for the review - she's been on the HL for a while

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I saw her one month ago, I walked because for me she has ugly face.

How ugly are we talking? A 2? or 3? I know it is subjective but are we talking about below-average? I agree that enthusiasm and good hygiene is important but one has to feel attracted to them facially - especially in between rounds.
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